We’re having a….. (wordless wednesday)

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Healthy Baby Boy!
We found out last week, and I’m surprised I’m just now getting around to posting for all of you! After 3 girls, Mark was pretty schocked he could make a boy, but the excitement has set in! Watch out, because I have got some fun stuff planned over the next year now. Sorting out kids clothes, decorating a BOYS nursery, and possibly an online baby shower with giveaways for you (wouldn’t that be fun!!).

4 thoughts on “We’re having a….. (wordless wednesday)

  1. Congratulations! I have a boy, too. He just turned 2 this weekend. Seeing this made me realize just how quickly time flies. PS: You'll be surprised by how many cool boy's things you are going to find. I though we were lucky not to have a girl because I was sure I would go broke in the first month buying little Princess things…turns out, bugs and cars and dinosaurs are way cool too!

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