What am I up to?

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I bet you’re wondering what exactly I’m up to.  I’ve spent a good portion of the last few days getting our kitchen and dining room reorganized. I’ve got a whole cupboard and one shelf in another cupboard that are empty. I don’t know what to do with them.  I’m sure I’ll find something and things will continue to get moved around until I’m comfortable with where it’s all at.  But for the most part the reorganizing is done. The last thing I have to do is decorate. Since the walls are brand new, I’m leaving the hanging of things to Mark. I’d hate to mess up his hard work, so I’m letting him put the holes in it. Nice of me huh?
So I am now in the process of creating our new lighting. This was a pinterest inspired idea, with a diy tutorial from another blogger.

What you’re seeing is the mid process of my own drum pendant light. Using 23″ embroidery hoops, sheets of plexiglass, fabric and a pendant light from the DI.  This light when done will have cost us less than $30!  To buy one of these, this size would have cost upwards of $100.
I just hope I can have the patience to get that fabric on nicely, without messing it up. 

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  1. Two Words: Command Hooks. Especially if you're like me and suddenly realize I'm sick of an arrangement and want to totally change it. This is something I have been able to take advantage of as a renter. They have hooks that are clear, hooks to hold big/heavier items, and decorative ones. They are reusable; you can buy the sticky backing separately. I have a set specifically set aside for my Christmas stockings, since I don't have a fireplace mantel. I have a super-heavy duty set holding up a curtain rod in Clint's old room. They haven't failed in two+ years.

    Another thing you can do is use painter's tape to block out on the wall where items will go so you can see if you like the height or arrangement before picking up the hammer.

    I've also seen folks on TV arrange items destined for a certain wall together on the floor below that wall to see how the colors/shapes work together in that room.

    Hope these help. I'm living vicariously through you. :o)

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