What a mess!

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Now that our basement remodel is finished we have done a big old switcheroo! We put Princess C and Princess V in the master room, Mark and I have taken one of the smaller rooms, and the leftover room will eventually be the baby’s room, but for now, gets to hold all the junk items we do not have a spot for quite yet. This switch has been messy, still is, but I have seen progress!

 The Princess’ new room
After finishing the switch, this is what the basement now looks like – AHHHHH! That will be tomorrow’s to do list.

Our new Master Bedroom (hello Princess C)

Storage room soon to be baby’s room. We may have to do some painting if this turns out to be a boy.
I obviously need to find a more organized way of switching things around. Of course, when I took all the toys downstairs I did go through them all, and I have a box to donate. I also had it all in boxes, but 5 minutes of the girls down there, and BAM what a mess. My next chore will be figuring out how to organize the toys so that they stay organized.

3 thoughts on “What a mess!

  1. It seems you've got some real work on your hands. That room is nice for a basement too. If your boy doesn't cry too much whenever he's put in the room, then I guess he likes the colour. You might not need to paint after all.

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