What to get your Blogger Friend for Christmas

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So it’s December, and you’re down to the last few people on your Christmas list. What do you get that one friend – the blogger friend – maybe it’s your spouse (hint hint Mark…), or a sister, maybe your sister in law, or even your mother. You want to help them pursue the dreams they have for their blog, but you’re not sure what they really want or need. 

I asked around my blogging communities what they are wanting for Christmas, and added it to my list to bring you this helpful list of Christmas Gifts to give your Blogger Friend (or family member). Of course I say Christmas, but these gifts are appreciated for any occasion by the blogger in your life.

1. Blogging Conference. This is at the top of my list of what I would love to receive. A huge part of blogging is networking with other bloggers, and the brands we want to work with. There is no better place to do that then at a conference. The biggest problem bloggers run into if they want to attend a conference is the cost. They usually run no less than $100 and can be upwards of $400 to attend a 3 day conference. This cost usually will not include travel and accommodation expenses. If you choose to send your blogger to a conference, you can get together with other friends and family to gift this item. Just do a little research first. Sending your friend to BlogHer Food, when they don’t blog about food would not be a good fit. Check for local conferences too. I’m personally pulling to go to the Build Your Blog hosted here in Utah this year. It saves me the cost of travel and hotel, and it’s a pretty good price at only $149.

2. Craftsy Class. If a conference is out of the budget, you may want to look into Craftsy.  Craftsy classes have something that can fit into any one’s lifestyle, especially a bloggers.  They have food, sewing, gardening, paper crafting and new photography classes.  You can buy your blogger a Gift Card so they can choose the perfect class for them.  Price range on these are from $30 for one class up to $75 for 3 classes.

3. Erin Condren Planner. A few years ago, when I first started blogging as more of a business than just a hobby, I asked for a planner for Christmas. Mark got me this beautiful full sized planner, that made my life as a mom and blogger so much easier!  That was one of the most organized years of my life. I don’t know why I didn’t buy a new one for the new year. I have heard some amazing things about the Erin Condren Life Planners, so I went looking at them. WOW, it is just what I need!  2 page monthly spreads, perpetual calendar, laminated tabs, stickers, folders….the list just keeps going. As planners go though, they are on the pricier side at $50 and something a frugal blogger will just put on their wish list. Grab a pack of colored pens to go with this gift.

4. Photography Equipment. It’s a guarantee that if you are a blogger, you will be taking a lot of photo’s. To work with quality brands, you need quality photos. There are a plethora of ideas I’m going to list for you under this topic, but the main one is a nice camera. Get your blogger a high quality digital camera, or if money isn’t an issue, a nice DSLR. If they already have a good camera though, here are some other items to help them get better photo’s.

  • A photography book, such as the one I pictured above – Food Photography for bloggers. Just remember to keep it relevant to what they write about. Obviously food photography will not help someone writing about family/relationships, or crafting. Amazon has a great books on Photography for Bloggers (<–affiliate link)
  • Light box, backdrops, and lighting. There are many DIY tutorials out there for putting together a light box. Make one for your blogging friend for a simple, affordable gift that will do wonders for their pictures.  In a quick search though, I found this (affiliate link–>) LimoStudio Photography Photo Studio Lighting Kit Set  for a great price of  only $33.75. This would be the perfect starter set up.
  • Props. What’s a photo without props?  In many of my recent recipe photos, I look in my cupboards, and think to myself “boring”. I’m ready to have more colorful dishes to go with my food, for that added pop of excitement in the photos. This gift can be as simple as going to an antique store, or thrift shop and picking up some mismatched dishes that fit into your price range. 
  • PicMonkey Royale.  I LOVE picmonkey. I edit all of my photo’s and make fun banners like the one above, using Picmonkey. They have a free service, but when you purchase the premium subscription, you can do so much more, and create all kinds of fun images. Picmonkey is also great for creating printables. 
5. Rafflecopter Premium Service. If your blogging friend runs a lot of giveaways, look into gifting them a subscription to Rafflecopter. This is my personal favorite way to run a giveaway. They have a free version, which is what I use, but they also have different subscription levels, that make entering the giveaway so much easier for our readers with one click links to follow on social media, and pictures to show you exactly what the prize is you’re entering for! 
6. Website Hosting and Domain Name. I’m sure you’ve all been to a blog that has a web address with .blogspot.com at the end. This just means the Blogger uses google’s blogging platform, and basically google owns it. Last year Mark purchased me my very own domain name http://www.homemaidsimple.com from GoDaddy. I got to drop the .blogspot and have more ownership of this site. I still use google’s blogger platform though I’ve been perusing self hosted wordpress for a year now. Through December 31st, GoDaddy is offering a domain .com transfer for only $7.99
7. The Gift of Time.  My friend Angelia, from Tim and Angi’s blog shared with me one gift that any blogger, no matter what they blog about, can appreciate, and that is the gift of time. To create quality content that our readers want to read, and will find useful in their life, it takes time. Sometimes I have to ask Mark to please take care of the kids, so I can shut our bedroom door and really think about what I’m writing, and sharing with you all. There are just some days, that trying to work with the kids playing on and around me is impossible (though most of my writing is done with a child cuddling on my lap). An offer to have my kids go play with friends would be a wonderful gift. Or bring my family dinner sometime, so I can have just a bit more time in my day. 
Find some more ideas for your blogger friends at Shaping Up Your Blog and Eat, Pray, Read, Love

*this post contains affiliate links. You purchase through any of them help me grow my blog! It’s the last gift a blogger looking to make an income may ask for!*

3 thoughts on “What to get your Blogger Friend for Christmas

  1. Yes yes yes!!! To all of these!! 🙂 I have two conferences I really want to go to; but I just can't afford the price tag of one; and the other is the same month we are moving; so sadly that one is out.

    I actually have the Food Photography for bloggers book and I pour over it often! It is such a brilliant resource for food bloggers!

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