20 Wheat Free Foods

20 Wheat Free Foods to try when you can no longer eat wheat due to a food allergy.

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Do you or your child suffer from a wheat allergy? The following list of foods are wheat free, and pretty delicious too. 

20 Wheat Free Foods to try when you can no longer eat wheat due to a food allergy.

Just because you have allergies doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy food still. When we first found out Lincoln had food allergies I felt so lost! We’re still in the figuring it out stage, but I’m feeling a bit less overwhelmed now that we have it on the calendar to see an Allergist. 

One of the top allergies we believe Lincoln is suffering from is Wheat. I wouldn’t say it’s a life threatening allergy as of yet, but he has lived his whole life with the sniffles. When we started taking wheat out, they have come less often. His complaints of “hair in my mouth”- a common way for kids to describe an allergy attack – have also been non-existant since removing wheat. 

This was the one allergy that had me scratching my head on how to remove. It seemed every box and package I picked up contained wheat. Things I would never have guessed had wheat in them, had it listed in the allergy information.

I’ve found the best way to elimate wheat is to make everything from scratch. You know the ingredients going in and there are a fair amount of flour substitutes out there. The following is a list of wheat free recipes you can make and enjoy whether you have a food allergy or not. 

Wheat Free Snacks

Frozen Grapes are one of our favorite snacks, especially during the hotter months of the year. 
Butternut Squash Sugar Cookies on FaveHealthyRecipes look amazing and perfect for fall snacking.
Gluten Free Cornbread is pretty easy and has simple ingredients as you transition to a wheat free diet. 
Homemaid Trail Mix that is wheat free, dairy free, and nut free comes from The Thrifty Couple!
Orange Sorbet only has 3 ingredients and is super easy to make. You can mix it up with different flavors too.
Peanut Free No Bake Cookies are not only wheat free but peanut free too!

Wheat Free Breakfast

Egg Rolls are a nice filling way to start the morning. 
Cinnamon and Sugar Sweet Potatoes make a great side dish or sweet breakfast.
Hash Brown Breakfast Nachos  from The Choas and the Clutter look like a fun breakfast that could easily be made to fit your own tastes.
Coconut and Cornmeal Pancakes from Maple and Marigold sound interesting, but definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a classic breakfast.
Gluten Free Breakfast Casserole from Tastes of Lizzy T is another awesome looking recipe I can’t wait to try!
Gluten Free Breakfast Pizza from Girl and the Kitchen is probably more adult friendly, but I might get Lincoln to try it.
Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies from from Art from My Table is every kids dream. Who doesn’t love cookies for breakfast?

Wheat Free Dinners

Chicken and Broccoli Curry is delicious and a nice well balanced dinner. 
Nachos for dinner! Pile high with beans, lettuce, tomatoes and onions and you have a dinner instead of just a snack. 
Creamy Potato Cauliflower Soup will warm you up on a cold night. 
White Chicken Lasagna from Tastes of Lizzy T that is gluten free sounds fabulous.

Wheat Free Breads

Paleo Pita Tortilla-Naan Bread from Forest and Fauna uses a few more odd ingredients, but if you’re craving some bread this looks pretty good.
Cauliflower “bread” sticks are on my must-try list. Bread is the biggest thing we’re missing right now.
Gluten Free Banana Bites from Juggling Act Mama are another fantastic treat that allows us to have a wheat free treat.

Do you have food allergies? Let me know what wheat free recipes are your favorites.

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