Winter Reads for the Whole Family from Disney

Check out these new winter reads from Disney! ad

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Winter is a wonderful time to cozy up in a warm blanket and break out some new books. These new titles from Disney caught my eye as there was a little something for our whole family. It’s time for some new winter reads! I received these winter reads from Disney in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you click through and make a purchase. 

Check out these new winter reads from Disney! ad

William’s Winter Nap

William's Winter Nap from Disney is the perfect winter read with your kids. ad

Written by Linda Ashman, this story follows a young boy getting ready for a little nap. Every time he lays down, though, there’s a knock and an animal looking for a warm place to stay. This is such a heartwarming book that teaches the lesson of sharing – no matter who it is. Chuck Groenink’s artwork is dreamy and something to pay close attention to.


We have fallen in love with William’s Winter Nap. I could read it over and over to my kids and never get bored of the pictures or words. From our youngest to our oldest, this is a book that truly the whole family will enjoy.

Beatrice Zinker Upside Down Thinker

Everyone in Beatrice’s family is normal. They sit up straight, they are smart, and they do things by the rules. Everyone that is but Beatrice. Shelley Johannes has created a masterpiece for kids everywhere who think outside the box and do things their own way. We started reading this one as a family when we were early for a competition one day. The kids groaned when I told them we’d be sitting in the car while I read them this new book. It only took a page before my audience was captured and they wanted to skip the spelling competition and keep reading.

I can not recommend this book enough! It’s an easy read, perfect for kids transitioning from picture books to chapter books with a scattering of line drawings throughout. Whenever my own Upside Down Thinker gets up to her antics, I remind myself that it’s OK, and join in her fun. However, I have drawn the line at climbing trees higher than the telephone wires.

Suspect Red


What a read. While the style of writing by L.M. Elliott is focused for middle-grade readers, I would urge parents to read this one first. There is some language in it that I was not expecting from a Disney or middle-grade reader. However, it’s still a fabulous read, and I would encourage teen readers to pick up a copy this winter.

Full of intrigue, espionage, and 007 type work, Suspect Red puts McCarthyism in a spotlight that can’t be ignored. Each chapter begins with actual news clippings from the time period featuring people like McCarthy, Hoover, Truman, and the Rosenbergs. After reading Suspect Red, I took a long breath. Have we pushed such a time under the rug? Do we just glaze over McCarthyism in school? This is US history, albeit told from a fictional family’s point of view, the facts of the time are still there.

What’s on your Winter Reads list?

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  1. Adelina, thanks for sharing these Disney winter reads! “William’s Winter Nap” seems like a heartwarming story of sharing, and “Beatrice Zinker Upside Down Thinker” looks like an engaging read for kids who march to their own beat. And “Suspect Red” delves into historical intrigue – it’s an intriguing selection for teens. Happy reading!

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