Wooden Snowmen

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Way back in June, I got inspired by Krystal at Sassy Sanctuary (she always inspires me really), to make this adorable Uncle Sam porch decor.

Mark had bought some wood to make dice for his class, and had a little extra. So I decided to improvise my own version of Uncle Sam, making it much simpler, with items I had on hand. Well, June turned into July, which turned into August and September, October, November and finally December.  I still had the wood block Mark cut me, but they hadn’t even been sanded yet!
Well Saturday, Mark was outside fixing our fence from a crazy hurricane level windstorm we had last week. Since he already had his tools out, I asked if he would sand my blocks (cause face it, using a big electric sander got the job done a lot faster than by hand!)  Finally I was ready to use these blocks, but I decided it was too cold for Uncle Sam. Instead they turned into some cute Snowmen!
Aren’t they just adorable?! It was so easy to make too!
A fun little fact, I made these today while my friend Krystal was over doing some crafty stuff as well. This Krystal is not however the same Krystal from Sassy Sanctuary. But I sure appreciate both of them for inspiring me, and helping me create some really fun winter decorations! I bounced a lot of the little details off Krystal, because sometimes I just guess, and what I picture in my head, does not come out how I would’ve liked!

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