World Turtle Day and an Anti-Bullying Message

World Turtle Day

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I got this in my email this afternoon from Paramount Pictures. It is apparently World Turtle Day. I had no idea there was such a day, but probably shouldn’t be as surprised since everything has a day, these days. 


Unfortunately, bullying has many days and moments. I love that Paramount teamed up with the AD Council to remind everyone that bullying is NOT COOL! If you see bullying, don’t stand by. Do something. 

Stand Up. 

Stand up for those being bullied. Let them know they have a friend. If you have a friend who chooses to bully, let them know it’s not OK. Don’t allow it in your circle of friends. 

Speak Out. 

Use your words for good. Uplift, inspire, and make a difference in someone’s life for the better. When you see bullying, don’t stay quiet.


Evaluate yourself. Self-reflection is good for the soul, and often shows us where we fall short, so we can be better ourselves. Have you been a bully? Bullying comes in all forms, and I’d venture to say at one point or another perhaps we’ve all been guilty. Decide now to change. No more gossiping ladies.

Now go enjoy World Turtle Day!

Download and Print these fun turtle activities.

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