Worrying Never Helps

Worrying never helps

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I had plans for a different post today.

I was going to show you some of the fun decorating we’ve done in our house. Followed by some pictures of the furniture remodeling I have planned for this year.

It was all going to come after I finished my morning plans. Take care of kids, start laundry, clean kitchen, take Prince L to the doctor.

So I did all that. And after leaving the doctors, I spent my time researching, spending more time with my kids, and just worrying. Well, worrying doesn’t do anything productive, so I’ve finely decided to change my post today – since I haven’t taken any photos yet, and the day has gotten away from me.

Our doctors visit was a routine well child check. Prince L is 9 months, and we’re in a new area, so I thought it best to get him in and check how he’s growing. He’s also had a cold, and some pretty terrible nights of screaming that have put me in tears myself. I wanted to have his ears checked as well, in case the cold had caused an ear infection.

The good news – he doesn’t have an ear infection….yet. It’s close to becoming one, so I need to get him better before it goes there.

The worrying news – he’s dropped significantly on the charts in his weight. In fact, thinking about it, I think he weighed the same today that he did at his 6month check. He was born in the 90th percentile, and had slowly come down to the 70th. Today however, he was down to the 5th-10th percentile. His height has continued to be consistent however (90th percentile…big kid). 

I love our new doctor. He always has a smile, and completely listens to the 3 Princesses voice their concerns for little brother, and tell him all about their princess dolls, while at the same time actually doing his job of checking up the patient.  He reminds me of our very first family doctor – and yes, I did ask him if I could pack him up in a box and move him with us. I liked him that much.  So I am very happy to find another doctor that makes me feel secure in my children’s health.

So the new course of action – Calorie Packing my little guy. I’ve had 3 kids who have all grown steady, and could follow what the books say on when to feed certain things. Prince L is going to be different. He’s going to get everything we eat, but in smaller bites, and sometimes mushed up with my baby food grinder.  I seriously love this thing by the way! All parents should have one.

And the news kept coming…… Our previous doctor found the abnormality, during his 4 month visit – a concave chest (I’m refraining from pictures here, because it can be quite the shocker if you’ve never seen this). At the time, he wasn’t worried, but wanted to keep an eye on it. Well then we moved. Our new doctor has requested we get a chest X-ray done. He said it’s pretty normal to do, so he can see just how far in his chest goes, and whether it might be causing some of the weight problems. More than likely it’s not, but later on it could also cause some heart problems, so it will be nice to know the extent of his abnormality. I am worried though. I mean, have you ever tried to get a 9 month old to sit still? Not to mention I’ll probably have 2 of the other kids with us as well.

But worrying really never helps. I just need to move into action. For the sake of my little boy, I can’t let the worry of what may happen, what the final outcome may be, cripple me from making the changes necessary for him.

Did you all read my book review yesterday? The book is called Goodnight, Brian. It’s a very touching story of a little boy who isn’t thriving, and instead getting poisoned from the “special” formula he’s taking. It takes so long to find the problem, that the boy ends up severely disabled with a diagnosis of never being able to walk or talk. After reading that book, and then being given the news that my boy is not gaining weight, was a bit distressing to say the least. If I learned anything from the book though, it’s that love can conquer the impossible. I am now officially done worrying, and moving on to lots of loving!


4 thoughts on “Worrying Never Helps

  1. I'm sorry to hear that Prince L is on thin side, but as long as he is growning in height he may be just fine. My 13 year old boy is 5' 2" and only 90 pounds. His doctor says it's a body type and in the long run it is a good body type to have.
    The baby grinder is fantastic. I used one. My mom never made different meals for the kids and I didn't either. I think the more variety of tastes you expose your kids to the less likely they will be picky eaters.

  2. My 3 y.o. is my slim one as well. For a couple appointments she wasn't gaining weight as well so the doctor had us give her a vitamin with iron every other day. She is my stubborn one and if she doesn't want to eat, she won't. Since your guy is still so little I am sure you will be able to get those extra pounds on him soon. It gets harder as they get older (as you already know). Also, my husband has a slight concave chest. It has caused him no problems as an adult, etc. Just thought I would pass that on. Blessings. Angie

  3. I feel your pain! My oldest was born at 50% and soon worked his way down to 5%. The doctor had me all worried, but after a few weeks I took a step back and looked at the situation. He was happy, healthy, and hitting all his milestones. Also, I couldn't make him eat! He still is that way—he eats until he's full, and then he stops. I think it's a good life skill to have.

    In any case, I hope that your little prince is happy and healthy. Listen to your inner mommy voice—it knows best!

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