Yard Sale Find and halfway in 10 tasks in 10 days challenge

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We spent a little time yard saleing today.  We found one that was advertising some free items, and good prices.  So off we went.  We got some really great deals.  Today we found
  • Half a can of purple interior paint – FREE
  • Summer Dresses for myself – $4 for 3
  • 4 movies – $1
  • a brand new computer mouse (ours went on the fritz this week) – $2
  • some tools (Mark picked these up, not really sure what they are for) – FREE
  • a sleeping bag – $1 
  • a basket – .25
Total spent was $8.25 
The sleeping bag will be perfect for our Princess R next week while we’re in Yellowstone. I know I can find something to do with the purple paint for the other Princess’. I think if there is enough I’ll paint over the blue squares in Princess C’s room.  The basket however, was my most exciting find today! Sounds weird probably, but it was the perfect size for what I needed for my magazines!
So now instead of sitting under the table in a large box, they are neatly organized and easy to get to.  Cross this off my 10 tasks in 10 days challenge.
Yesterday was the halfway mark for this challenge hosted by Cha Cha at Sit Relax and Read.  On Wednesday I posted some pictures of what I had already accomplished, but let’s just take a look back at that list HERE, and see just how much has been crossed off.
1. Organize Kids Rooms and toys
2. Price and change out old light switches. Mark had already priced them apparently, and we’ll have to put this little project on hold until we get back from our trip.
3. Fix curtains. I’ve started this one, but I still need to fix the epic fail.
4. Set up Craft and Sewing table so it can be used YAY. I’ve even started using it to put a puzzle together. Something I’ve sorely missed doing, but am finding it a tad frustrating with little hands wanting to “help”
5. Organize around Computer Desk
6. Paint Accent Wall in Master Bedroom
7. Organize laundry Area
I can actually use this area for the laundry now, and we can get in and out of the renovating cold storage room much easier.
8. Find and hang large mirror
9. Finish Christmas Stocking – I plan on taking it to Yellowstone next week, since I won’t be able to get anything else done while there.
10. Help Princess R paint a picture and hang family art
11. Plant Okra
12. Hang Mark’s hats
Mark made this coat rack, and we decided it would look great for hanging his hats. And it does. Although the yellow one is mine, we will get the rest of his hats up there (there’s a good amount).
13. Create a better place for the magazines – see above!
14. Start Cloth Diapering – we did it and we stopped it. Unfortunately Princess R got a bad rash from them, and they just didn’t fit properly. It would’ve saved us tons of money though if it had worked.
15. Wash Windows
16. Organize and decorate counter between dining and family room.
I must say I am pleasantly surprised that I already have 8 things done.  I don’t feel like I got that much done, but I did! A lot of the other items on the list are halfway done, so I’m almost there.  Good thing too, since I won’t be home for the last few days of this challenge.  

6 thoughts on “Yard Sale Find and halfway in 10 tasks in 10 days challenge

  1. Thanks so much for your kind comment! Wow you have done heaps off your list, I can't wait to see if you get to finish it all 🙂 geez you are lucky, wish I could go on a holiday lol altho I don't like my chances with jus having a baby 3 months ago 🙂 haha good luck with your task. Have fun on your holiday.. And don't forget to do lots of relaxing!

  2. Great progress! We tried the cloth diaper thing also and found it was not for us, life goes on,ha. You need to take me shopping next yard sale you go to, you scored great deals.

    Cha Cha

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