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We didn’t have a whole lot of time yesterday, but we managed to squeeze some yard work in.  Mark was at school until almost 5, and I had a Relief Society Meeting at 6:30 (come back Saturday for a great giveaway from that meeting!)
So when Mark got home, he gave me a quick lesson in how to use the tiller. I headed to the back corner and started tilling, while he filled the wheelbarrow a couple times and brought the dirt to my tilled areas.  Wow, tilling is hard work, and your hands vibrate pretty good after you’re done. But I had lots of fun with it.  I love working in the outdoors, and getting such a big project accomplished!

Mark and Princess V working the dirt.  See behind them in that corner. That’s where the dirt is headed, we just had to get rid of the weeds first.

Oh yeah! Look at that. I had just finished all the tilling! It used to look like the patch in front of me there. We need to plant some grass in those dead areas.
Eventually our plan is to build some outdoor living area in this back corner. Some nice stone flooring, with a rock wall, and raised garden beds around the whole thing.  In the meantime, I’m going to plant some pumpkins and okra here this year. Just need to finish moving the dirt!

2 thoughts on “Yard Work

  1. Following you back from the blog hop! 🙂 I know- we avoid the doctor like the plague because of the cost! LOL Sad that it has to be that way though! Congrats to your hubby for finishing his first year!! Whoo! 🙂 Big accomplishment! My hubby is finishing his 5th and there are a lot of ups & downs, but in its own way its rewarding! What grade does he teach?
    PS- I have a HUGE Back2School Bash coming up in the end of July to look forward to! Over $1000 in prizes!!

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