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We may earn money from the companies or products mentioned in this post. is the newest online site for gift cards at a fraction of their cost! I’ve browsed some other auction sites, and they all seem like a rip off to me. though states in their company name, that you will never lose! You might lose the auction, but you ALWAYS get something out of it.
Here’s how it works. You register at for free. Then you buy a gift card, at face value. That gift card is sent to you (free shipping!). The amount in dollars you spent on that gift card is than given to you in points. You use those points to bid on other gift cards.
Now if that’s not clear enough for you, check out this little video about it!

This is a RISK FREE site! You don’t spend money in the hopes of getting something worth it. Instead you spend money and get at least the value of your money in gift cards, with the potential of getting even more!

I have to say my least favorite feature is the end bidding. When it gets down to the last 20 seconds every time a bid is placed the time resets to 20 seconds. So until someone runs out of points to bid with, it could take a bit. I was so close to winning a $25 mastercard gift card for only .52 cents!! I was outbid by a penny though, and I ran out of points to continue my bidding.
Seriously though look at the good deal someone got…$25 gift card for only .52 cents!!!! is offering Home Maid Simple’s readers bonus points when they register and buy their first gift card!
Just enter the code LAUNCH10 for a 10 point bonus.
If you buy gift cards for birthdays, holidays, or other gifts, you’ll want to check out

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