Zipit Bedding® is fun and easy + a Zipit Bedding® Giveaway

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So it turns out this is National Make Your Bed Day. Officially an unofficial holiday. I could not find where the holiday started, or why, but anything to get the family making their beds more. I’ve tried so hard to teach the kids to make their beds. I know it’s such a simple thing, and so easy to skip – I do it too! – but it’s a great beginning to a good daily routine.

Despite my desire for nicely made beds that include a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and a nice quilt on top – the kids have had other ideas. One child likes to sleep in ball of blankets and sheets. One despises the flat sheet on top. One sleeps with the 2 sheets, but usually in weird ways, making it difficult to make. Finally my little Prince came along. He doesn’t fight the flat sheet, actually enjoys it, and sleeps fairly calmly at night. He enjoys his bed made, but it’s kind of hard for his little hands.

I decided we’d go ahead and give the Zipit Bedding® a try. I’d seen these before, and thought it was a pretty novel idea. My kids of course love sleeping in sleeping bags, and that’s what the Zipit reminds us all of. The difference is it’s tailored to their bed, with a fitted sheet. It’s also got pockets on the side for keeping special bed time items

  • toothfairy money
  • reading light
  • notepad and pencil
  • hotwheels cars. our current hidden treasure
Now the we’ve tried the Zipit Bedding® for about a month, I’m seriously considering getting the Princesses each their own as well. It would make bed making a lot easier in the triple bunk. 
Do you enforce made beds, or let it slide?

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4 thoughts on “Zipit Bedding® is fun and easy + a Zipit Bedding® Giveaway

  1. My girls begged for these for their birthday but not sure about them I wouldn't buy them. Would love to win but I'd still have to buy 1 more! 🙂 tempting for sure so making beds was easier! Thanks.

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