Grab some Popcorn, Indiana then Watch these 10 Movies with Ties to Indiana

Check out these 10 movies with ties to Indiana while munching on your Popcorn, Indiana kettlecorn. ad

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I received Popcorn, Indiana to sample. All opinions are 100% my own thoughts. 

Have you ever heard of a little town called Popcorn, Indiana? Neither had I until I saw their Drizzlecorn® popcorn, and just had to try it!

Check out these 10 movies with ties to Indiana while munching on your Popcorn, Indiana kettlecorn. ad

Popcorn, Indiana is actually a small town in Indiana with a population of 42, according to the popcorn package. They grow their corn in GMO-free soil, and us no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives in the making of their popcorn. It’s a cute little town, from what the internet tells me, that I’m tempted to take an afternoon drive through someday. 

When I got my Popcorn, Indiana bags I knew I had to watch something truly awesome with it. This wasn’t going to be just any movie popcorn snacking for me. So I did a little research and found these 10 movies with ties to Indiana. If my popcorn is coming from Indiana, I figured my movie should too! Here’s the list along with how they correlate to Indiana. 

10 Movies with ties to Indiana to watch while eating Popcorn, Indiana Drizzlecorn® ad A Christmas Story – Set in the fictional town of Hohman, Indiana A Christmas Story is a classic everywhere. It’s the perfect movie to enjoy with the whole family while munching on the Dark Fudge Peppermint Drizzlecorn. You’ll shoot your eye out.

Hoosiers – Loosely based on the Milan High School 1954 state championship win, the title says it all. Hoosiers is set in the rural south-eastern town of Hickory, Indiana. 

The Fault In Our Stars – A more recent movie, based off the best-selling book by John Green, we find ourselves in the heart of Indianapolis. As the main characters head out for a picnic at the epic Funky Bones, natives of Indianapolis can say they’ve been there too! Though, the bones were actually reconstructed in Pittsburgh for the filming with the help of the original artist.

Rudy – Another sports film based on the true story of Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger. Rudy is both based in Indiana and filmed in Indiana. One of the few films Notre Dame has allowed to be filmed on campus. Rudy is inspirational, and a must see if you love sports.

A League of Their Own – Starring Tom Hanks, making it an automatic must-see from me, and featuring the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. Many of the games featured were filmed at Bosse Field in Evansville, Indiana as well as the League Stadium in Huntingburg Indiana.

Transformers Dark of the Moon – Now this one does not take place at all in Indiana, however, filming took place on the Northern side of the state near Gary, Indiana to showcase Ukraine in the movie. 

Pearl Harbor – Another local filming to show a location abroad, the filming of Tokyo’s Industrial section in Pearl Harbor is actually just the US Steel Works in Gary, Indiana. 

The Music Man – While not set in or filmed in Indiana, you can’t help but feel a connection to the Hoosier state as the Music Man sings of his hometown Gary, Indiana.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind – While not filmed in Indiana, the main characters we follow on their journey of extraterrestrial encounters are from Muncie, Indiana. 

Friendly Persuasion – Following a Quaker family in Indiana, they must decide if they should fight or follow their religious teachings of peace. Another movie to bring you closer to the history of local Hoosiers.

 What Indiana, Popcorn® flavor will you try first?

Indiana, Popcorn has both classic popcorn and their drizzlecorn popcorn. With flavors from Sea Salt to Aged White Cheddar, and chocolate drizzled Caramel to Pretzel you’ll find a flavor to love, I guarantee it!

10 movies to watch from Indiana while eating Popcorn, Indiana® ad

27 thoughts on “Grab some Popcorn, Indiana then Watch these 10 Movies with Ties to Indiana

  1. I love that popcorn. I eat it all the time. LOL. And those movies? What a fabulous list. We love holiday movies, especially this time of year

  2. That’s a great movie list for sure. I love popcorn as a snack, it is my absolute favorite. Plain, caramel or whatever – give me the popcorn.

  3. I have not even heard of all these movies before but now sounds like I have an excuse for a movie night. Including trying out that popcorn is a great idea!

  4. Oh my gosh does this popcorn look amazing! I know my neighbor bought some and wanted me to try how good it was!

  5. Dark Fudge Peppermint Drizzlecorn sounds amazing. I will have to get some for our next movie night. This is a great list of movies.

  6. These are all some great movies! Nothing beats laying back on the couch and catching a good flick with some popcorn!

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