2 Player Games to Encourage Sibling Bonding

Sibling bonding time has been provided by Pressman® Toy. All opinions are my own.  You may also enjoy: Encouraging a Natural Sibling Bond with a New Baby Ah siblings. I grew up loving spending every minute of my free time with my siblings because we loved each other so much! That is until we didn’t. […]

5 Things to Watch Out for When Reading Mattress Reviews from Puffy

You probably have heard of different mattress brands; assuming you’re not the nature traveler who finds better nights at the boot of a car or in a sleeping bag. After having difficulty sleeping some years back and getting help through a great mattress, I started doing mattress reviews. And one particular brand stood out from […]

Star Map Art from Modern Map Art to Celebrate 13 Years

We’re celebrating 13 years of marriage with an eternity to go this year. I received a Star Map in exchange for my honest thoughts.  I grew up in the country, where lights didn’t touch the sky, and the heavens were always clear for star gazing. Many summer nights were spent on our back lawn, listening […]

Skeeter Syndrome and a Thermacell Patio Shield Giveaway

Have you ever been afraid to enjoy the outdoors because of the fear of mosquito bites? If so you might have skeeter syndrome. I received a Thermacell Patio Shield in exchange for this post.  I came across this syndrome recently as I was looking up why Venice gets a bug bite and it turns into […]

Hygge: Learning to Relax and Enjoy the Simple Things

Hygge: pronounced hoo-guh. The Danish word means feeling cozy contentment while enjoying the simple things that life has to offer.  When I first heard of hygge, I pictured myself curled up on our couch, a fire blazing in our non-existent fireplace, a good book in my lap, and a cup of hot cocoa in my hand.  […]