Day: January 28, 2013


Valentines Gift Basket {Giveaway}

Time sure does fly by! I keep seeing pins everywhere for Valentines Day, and some of my favorite bloggers have been posting Valentines Day Craft Ideas, Printable Cards, and Treats.  Then I looked at the Calendar. Yup, only 3 weeks until Valentines Day (which also means 3 weeks until I have a 5 year old). […]

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Make a choice today and then Just do it!
Self Care

Just Do It!

It’s so easy to let little things slide. To push small tasks to the bottom of an ever growing list. Time to stop it. Get those little things done, and soon the big things will fall into place too. It’s time to just do it.    Something seemed to click inside me over the weekend. I’m […]

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