Just Do It!

Make a choice today and then Just do it!

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It’s so easy to let little things slide. To push small tasks to the bottom of an ever growing list. Time to stop it. Get those little things done, and soon the big things will fall into place too. It’s time to just do it. 
Make a choice today and then Just do it!  
Something seemed to click inside me over the weekend. I’m not sure what it was entirely, but I have this sudden urge to be a better home maker. I mean, it’s something I was working on already, but I have this better desire, and I can see more of what needs to be done without feeling overwheled.
Anyone else get that overwhelmed feeling when they start to think of everything they need to do?  Sort of like there aren’t enough hours in the day, so why even bother?  I don’t feel like that anymore.
We went to hang out with our 16 year old niece this weekend. Her parents were gone for the weekend, and didn’t want her home alone. It was a nice break from my regular routine. Now normally when we go on mini vacations like this, the car doesn’t get unpacked for days to come, and the suitcases sit around with dirty clothes while I get back into routine.

Ask for help

Not this time! I made the consious decision, and then the effort to clean out the van, AND put it all away when we got home. I asked Mark for his help, before we even pulled into the drive way. Since he was mentally prepared to help as well, the kids were mostly good at also helping.
It really made a nice night for all of us. We got our vacation cleaned up, and then got to relax watching Bolt with popcorn and hot chocolate.  And the best part for me…Prince L then slept through the night (a rare occurrence indeed). Getting enough sleep led to an early morning of pondering my scriptures, and begining my menu plan for the week, as well as time well spent playing pirates and dancing crazy before the Princesses woke up.


You’ll find it doesn’t take as much time, you’ll have more time for the fun things, and you’ll feel better about yourself.

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