Adult Coloring Books For the Whole Family

Adult Coloring books aren't just for adults these days. Check out my favorites for the whole family. ad

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Do you love coloring? What once was a child’s activity has quickly turned into an Adult novelty. Adult Coloring Books can be found in just about every store and have themes that appeal to both adults and kids. I received products in exchange for this post. This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated when you click on and purchase through them. 

Adult Coloring books aren't just for adults these days. Check out my favorites for the whole family. ad

As a kid, I loved to color. Of course, I never was as good as my sisters at pairing the right colors to get stunning images, but it was still an enjoyable activity. 

When I began having kids, I found a lot of enjoyment sitting down and coloring in their simple kids’ books. Farm animals, tv characters, and cartoon looking people were the norm. Yellow sun, green grass, but the biggest decision was always what color should the eyes be. 

Kids love to color Adult Coloring Books. ad

When adult coloring became a thing, I was ecstatic! Finally, someone realized that we never really grow out of coloring. So what is it that fascinates adults about coloring? For me, I found that going back to the simple childhood activities brought more peace and joy into my life. Slowing down and taking the time to stay in the lines and pair complimentary colors help clears my mind. 

Or perhaps I’m just a perfectionist in a world of imperfections, and coloring fills this need in my mind. 

Adult coloring books that aren't just for adults. ad Ever since I started collecting adult coloring books, I noticed my kids stopped coloring in their kids’ coloring books. We have a whole basket full of what is considered kids coloring books, and I don’t think I’ve seen any of them pulled out in the last 6 months at least! Why? It’s because the adult coloring books hold my kids’ attentions so much better.

We love the wacky designs and inspiring messages from Suzy Toronto’s Tingle Boots.  I’ve always loved stylish boots, and even wrote about it when I bought my first pair. I’m a country girl at heart, so Tingle Boots spoke directly to that side of me and allows me to share the inspiring messages with my girls.

Adult coloring books for the whole family. ad

Along with Suzy’s books we’ve also been absolutely loving Thaneeya McArdle’s designs for coloring. She has a coloring book for all kinds of occasions. The spiral bound is great for on the go, and outdoor coloring where you may not have the space to spread out a full book. The Perfectly Portable Pages is exactly what it sounds like – it’s small size makes waiting in doctors offices and bus lines much more enjoyable. My kids have especially loved the sticker coloring book from Thaneeya.

Adult coloring books the whole family can enjoy. ad

One lucky reader will win a copy of Suzy Toronto’s Tingle Boots coloring book. Open to US 18+ ends 6/23/2017


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  1. Adelina, it’s wonderful to see how adult coloring books have become a delightful pastime for both adults and kids in your family. These books offer a great way to unwind, be creative, and share meaningful messages. Keep enjoying the artistic adventures!

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