Angels Above Cherished by Shannon Clark

Angels Above Cherished with angel companion. ad

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I received an Angels Above product for review. All opinions are 100% my honest thoughts. 

Our children are my world. Our faith is the basis of everything else we do. If I can teach my children that they are loved, more infinitely than just by me, as well as teach them to love others with all their hearts, that’s what I want to do. 

Angels Above Cherished with angel companion. ad

We received the Angels Above Cherished Book, which is meant for the young and old. They also have Angels Above Blessed Baby for babies first book and angel. I wasn’t entirely sure my kids would be into the whole angel thing. We don’t believe angels have wings, but we do believe in heaven and our ancestors watching over us. The cotton angel was a great way to introduce this belief once again. 

Cherished Angels Above

The book, however, quickly became dear to my heart. As it reinforces the notion to my kids that they are loved, and also that others are watching them. Are they making good choices? Are they being kind to friends in need? Angels Above is a cute story that takes the lessons I’ve been striving to instill in my children and brings them to life with the cotton plush angel that accompanies each book. 

Lincoln attached himself to the angel more than I thought he would. With 3 older sisters, we have a lot of girl dolls and toys. He’s always trying to join in their play, but isn’t always fond of playing with the girl dolls. Having a little boy angel with removable wings has meant he can play with sisters without any fights from them on which doll he gets to be. It’s also allowed him a “friend” to play with when everyone else is at school and I’m working. 

Angels Above Cherished gives young kids a forever friend.

When you purchase an Angels Above book, 10 meals are provided to children around in need through the Children’s Hunger Fund and Story Changers. To me, this makes the Angels Above books worth so much more. I can give my child a book full of values while also giving to those less fortunate than myself. 

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