Animal Planet Summer Learning

Check out the Animal Planet Collection of books. ad

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I received Animal Planet books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Summer vacation has come to an end for us, but we’ve had a summer of fun and learning thanks to the new books from Animal Planet. 

Check out the Animal Planet Collection of books. ad

Two new books were introduced this summer to the Animal Bites collection, and an Animal Atlas as well. My kids have gotten really into these, and so have their cousins. 

I have one nephew who loves to come over, but because he’s older than all the other kids, he doesn’t always have something to do at my house. When I showed him Animal Planet’s books, he was thrilled and spent a good hour browsing the photos and information and showing me which ones were his favorites. 

Check out the new Animal Bites books from Animal Planet. ad

What are your kid’s favorite animals? There are a lot of interesting animals out there, and some you can’t see in a zoo. The photos in these books are absolutely stunning! Check out some of our favorites. 

Enjoy the stunning animal photography in Animal Planet Animal Bites books. ad

This Tiger is probably my favorite of the photos. The eyes looking right at you, so close, it is just stunning. 


The Komodo Dragon was one of my nephew’s favorites to find and point out. You can find both the Tiger and Komodo Dragon in the Animal Atlas Book.

Would your kids love the Animal Planet Animal Bites and Animal Atlas Books?


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Animal Bites: Farm Animals

Animal Bites: Ocean Animals

Animal Bites: Wild Animals

Animal Bites: Polar Animals 


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