Connect to Nature with Black Dinah Chocolatiers

Black Dinah Chocolates infuse local ingredients sourced from the land for a delicious confection. ad

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There is a beauty in nature that brings out my inner child. We all need a place and time to escape the stresses of our world. I find that solace in nature and chocolate.

Escape the stresses of the world with a box of Black Dinah chocolates and nature. ad

Growing up in New England, I was blessed with some of the most beautiful sights during the fall. It wasn’t just fall, though, with it’s changing colors. No, I was fortunate to live in the middle of 50 acres of forest that afforded me the luxury of finding peace away from my troubles whenever I needed it.

Our house sat atop a hill overlooking a lake. At least, it would have overlooked the lake if the trees weren’t in the way. I’d say I spent 90% of my early childhood outdoors. We built trails, cleared campsites, and played some amazing games of capture the flag with the creek our borders, right outside our front door. 

The moments that truly stick out to me, are the ones I spent alone in those woods. Days my older brothers were annoying. When my BFF and I would fight. When I just needed to get away from the house. I would take off into the woods. I found so much solace in the midst of ferns, birches, and pine. I can still smell the vibrant flavors of the forest. 

Find your solace on a walk through the woods with Black Dinah. ad

When we moved to Indiana, one of the first places I discovered was this pretty little walking park. In the middle of the city, it had all the makings of my childhood home – forest, creek, dirt trails. I love taking my kids to this trail to go walk around, skip rocks across the creek, and play on the bridge. I want them to find peace in nature as I did. Life can get overwhelming at times, but we can always head out to nature and leave the world of people behind – if just for an afternoon. 

Black Dinah Chocolates infuse local ingredients sourced from the land for a delicious confection. ad

This last weekend we took some chocolate from Black Dinah Chocolatiers on our foray to the forest. I really couldn’t think of a better combination to escape the harsh world than a trip to nature with a box of some of the finest chocolates I’ve ever tasted

Black Dinah Chocolatiers are handmade with fresh cream and butter from local farms. They buy or trade for the herbs and flowers with locals at farmers markets in Maine. They state “We know you can taste the difference”, and it’s true. 

Infused with locally sourced Lavender, Black Dinah Chocolates transport your taste buds. ad

The Lavender is absolutely amazing. As we all took a bite into our delicious chocolate, I could taste the local ingredients and feel almost transported home. The kids were in love too. I doubt they’ve ever tasted chocolate as fine as Black Dinah. 


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22 thoughts on “Connect to Nature with Black Dinah Chocolatiers

  1. Black Dinah sounds like the best chocolate manufacturer ever. I love that they use ingredients from local farms. That kind of craftsmanship really does make a difference.

  2. Oh my goodness! This story about your childhood is so well written I can practically see it in my mind. You are lucky to have had such a gorgeous backdrop to be raised in. And those chocolates are GORGEOUS not to mention super cool that they are flavored with herbs and flowers.

  3. Oh my the chocolate from Black Dinah Chocolatiers looks amazing. I would love to try some. It would be a great gift idea.

  4. Begin close to that park must have been so nice! I love having cool nearby locations like that. Bringing some of the delicious Black Dinah Chocolatiers along was a good idea!

  5. What a great Christmas gift! Pretty much everyone I know loves chocolate and it’s perfect for those people on your list that are hard to buy for.

  6. These chocolates look so scrumptious!! I want to buy some for Christmas and give them out as favors, or maybe Santa will bring us some πŸ˜‰

  7. That’s so awesome that you were able to find solace in nature in the times when you were upset. It’s good to be alone sometimes, and finding a happy place or just a place to reflect and be away from it all is amazing. I love being out in nature πŸ™‚ Also, these chocolates sound delish.

  8. Oh a nature trail walk sounds fun! I may get out and do that tomorrow. I don’t think it should be too cold. Mmm those chocolates look heavenly! I may have to break down and buy myself a box for my birthday.

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