Counting, but not Calories: The 80 Bites Diet

Trying to lose weight, but hate counting calories? Try the 80Bites diet. ad

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So I finally did it, I decided to diet.

I’ve never been a fan of dieting. Counting calories and giving up my favorite foods, just have not been things I wanted to do. So I didn’t. Well, I guess I did a couple years ago when I gave up sugar, but I found a lot of yummy sugar-free foods during that time too. I was asked to test out 80Bites, all opinions are my honest thoughts. This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you click on and purchase from them.

Trying to lose weight, but hate counting calories? Try the 80Bites diet. ad

Anyways – back to this new diet I’m trying out. First off, why? Well because I really needed to lose some weight. Since Lincoln was born I haven’t done much to get back in shape. I had these grand plans of running and eating lots of veggies. The veggies have worked out great, but the running not so much. I find I don’t have a lot of time with 4 kids underfoot, and a husband whose schedule is ever changing.

Basically, it didn’t matter how healthy I was eating at this point, I wasn’t losing any more weight. I hit a plateau, and it wasn’t changing anytime soon. So what happened next? I stopped eating healthy. I gave in to my sweet tooth. Exchanged water for more milk and juices. Went without some meals, in favor of quick and unhealthy snacking throughout the day.

Something had to change!

Then I found 80 Bites. Ha, that totally just sounded like an advertisement didn’t it…ok maybe it is…but really I did find it at the right time for me.

So how does it work? Well, instead of counting calories, 80 Bites has you count the bites you take. Cool right? I mean, counting your bites is pretty easy. You don’t give up your favorite foods, you don’t change anything actually, except for how much you take in.

I think we’ve all heard it before, but it really is about portion control. Too much of anything, including food, isn’t good for us. 
I started this “Diet” at the beginning of the week. The program lasts 12 weeks and is separated into 4 themes. Each lasting 3 weeks – because as they say (who is they anyway?) it takes 21 days to create a habit.  Each week in the program new information is provided to you with tasks to complete. Week 1 is all about getting started and observing your regular eating patterns.
I really love how simple 80 Bites is to follow. They don’t overwhelm you (a big turn off for me from other diet plans), and they keep it fun.
The 80 Bites program was developed by Joan Breibart, creator of the first Pilates Certificate program (I LOVE PILATES!!!), and Meredith Luce, dietician for 30+ years!  If that doesn’t qualify for a great diet plan, I don’t know what does.
Once you’ve joined the program, you’ll want to download the App.  The app helps keep track of how much you eat, plus it’s cute to boot! Is it weird I find a talking stomach cute? The program is 100% FREE! 

Week 1 Take Aways from 80 Bites

How Many Bites did I take?
– Well, I’m still trying to remember to count my bites. It may take a bit, but I’m getting better at remembering.
Do you feel deprived?
– Nope. I’ve even enjoyed some brownies
Weight at the beginning of the week?
– 165 (that’s right I’m telling the world my weight!)
Weight today?
– 162 (note, these are my results only, everyone will be different. This includes a dose of exercise in addition to just observing what I eat.)
Has it motivated you?
– YES! On top of just being excited about this diet, I decided I really was going to start running again. So last night, I grabbed my 4-year-old, and we took a run after dinner. It felt so good, despite being a slow jog and the amazing back pain I woke up with. 

5 thoughts on “Counting, but not Calories: The 80 Bites Diet

  1. I love this idea – I think it seems smart and lacks the restrictions that make most people give up on a diet. I bet it's a bit of a learning curve counting the bites at first but it seems like a do-able plan!

  2. Hi Adelina. Love your site, love your humor.

    I had never heard of counting bites till a year ago. I tried the five bites and couldn’t do it. I do it a little different though, I combine fasting (16hrs) with the five bites and am doing fine. I weighed 174.6 last week when I started, am going to weigh myself Monday. I feel like I have lost weight, but we will see.

  3. Originalyl their program was called Diet Directives. It was a book. Originally i believe you were given 70 bites. It was very effective. I got away from it, so now I have some pounds to lose. Plan on combining this with the principles of the paleontology eating philosophy. Success to you!
    For running try the run/walk/run method. You can read about it at I have no affiliation, but his method helped me run a full marathon yesterday!

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