Organize a Back to School Craft and Homework Area with Deflect-o

Organize back to school with tool from Deflecto and Shoplet. ad

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The girls have been back to school for 2 weeks now! The homework has started to trickle in, along with lots of papers. Some I have to sign, some I just need for reference, and cute art projects. 

Organize back to school with tool from Deflect-o and Shoplet. ad

Last year we were a mess. We had just moved in. I had no space other than the kitchen table, but we couldn’t keep their school supplies on the table. So instead we were always searching for a pencil, glue stick, or whatever else we may have needed. This year I’ve got a foldable table that I covered with chalk paper set up against the wall that is solely for the kid’s creativity – and sometimes homework. 

Next to the table they each have a basket for holding important papers, along with a reminder of what their daily homework is. It’s pretty consistent across the board, so while they may not all have the same homework, we can count on Spelling, Math and Reading as what they should be checking each day.

Organize crafts with the Deflect-o 9 Canister Carousel. ad

I have a confession to make. I’m not a crafty person. We’ve collected random craft supplies – beads, ribbons, stickers, stamps, jingle bells – but they’ve all been hanging out in a myriad of boxes in my closet. A place the kids can’t get to, so they never get used. The Deflect-0 9 canister Carousel was the perfect container to separate all our craft supplies and place them where the kids could reach and actually use them. 

Organize Stackable Caddy from Deflect-o and Shoplet. ad

My favorite, however, is the Deflect-o Caddy Organizer. It’s a stackable system, so I can put items we don’t use as often in one container, then stack the more frequently used tools in the top. Our pencil and crayon buckets are constantly being pulled out. Which is another thing I truly love! 

While the caddy itself is pretty convenient to carry, it’s made even better because of the removable canisters. The removable canisters make it easy for taking things on the go too! I grabbed the bucket of crayons for coloring during church one day, and the kids have been able to move it to their workspace easily as well. 

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