Do Good Cherry Cheesecake Beignets

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I couldn’t help myself people. I know I know, Beignets are normally left empty. I saw those little puffs of air though, and just had to get some cherry cheesecake goodness inside. I hope you enjoy. 
Cherry Cheesecake Beignets #recipe
Back in July, Mark was volunteering at a booth for the local July 4th activities. In the booth next to him was Robyn of My Sweet Mercy. They got to talking as people in neighboring booths do, and he mentioned this blog of mine. A business card was exchanged, and well, here we are. The following is My Sweet Mercy’s recipe for Beignets, with my cherry cheesecake filling. You can watch Robyn making them here.


Cherry Cheesecake Beignets
Fill beignets with a cherry cheesecake for a sweet treat you will love.
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  1. Cherry Cheesecake Filling
  2. 1/2 cup cherry pie filling
  3. 1/4 pkg cream cheese
  4. 1/4 cup sweetened condensed milk
  5. Mix all together and refrigerate.
  6. Beignets
  7. 1 cup Sweet Mercy Vanilla Baking Mix
  8. 1/3 cup milk
  9. Oil for frying
  1. Mix together mix and milk.
  2. Roll out dough and cut into 2x2 squares.
  3. Heat oil to a sizzle.
  4. Brown beignet in the oil on both sides and then drain.
  5. Once they've cooled cut a little slit in the side.
  6. Fill with Cherry Cheesecake filling. S
  7. prinkle powdered sugar on top for a real treat.
Home Maid Simple
My Sweet Mercy began as a cupcake shop to get Robyn through a time of severe depression. It was her “sweet mercy”. Over time she decided to close the shop, but sell the baking mixes for home use.
Robyn is on a mission to continue spreading sweet mercies to those in need. Right now when you purchase from My Sweet Mercy, a portion is donated to Operation Underground Railroad – an organization working to save children from slavery.
While reading Robyn’s story, which you can find on MySweetMercy, I felt like I was reading my own story. Just swap baking with blogging and there it is. Did you know I started blogging because of depression? After Princess C was born I went through my own dark time. After a lot of counseling and reading self help books, I turned to blogging when I found myself pregnant again, and wondering if the PPD would come back. My journey began at 3 Princess Academy in 2010, where I continued to share family updates until almost 1 year ago when I decided to devote my full attention here to Home Maid Simple. 
Over the years I’ve often thought of quitting. Other things got in the way, I didn’t feel good enough, who has the time, “you do what??”…but I always came back to why I began. This helps me feel good. Home Maid Simple is “my sweet mercy”. And every time you all read my posts it’s a reminder to me of that. 
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7 thoughts on “Do Good Cherry Cheesecake Beignets

  1. Wow! I seriously never thought about making them with a cherry cheesecake filling! I will do it now! I'm actually trying not to drool! Thank you for posting this! btw, this is Robyn (Ryan Hunter is my pen name, but I couldn't figure out how to post as me) … I'm grateful for such a beautiful post!

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