Downsizing: 2600 sq feet to 1300 sq feet

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It is finally official. Mark has a new job working for a Tire Store in Provo. Which means we’re moving. Since Mark only has Sunday and Monday’s off, we decided to hire a moving company. In case you’ve never used a moving company, what happens is they come and load all your stuff in the truck, drive the truck, and then unload it all in your new home. They are coming this Friday. I now have 3 days with 4 kids, to pack our house.
Here is the kicker though. We are moving from a nice and spacious 2600 square foot home to a 1300 square foot basement condominium. That means some serious downsizing. I’ve already sold some of our furniture and given some away, but there is still more that can’t come with us.

When this plan first became a reality, we thought we would just store what we couldn’t take with us, in our garage. It is after all still our home. We haven’t sold it yet. That plan has now been dashed because today I got a lovely family interested in renting our home. Talk about a financial burden being lifted (and I thank my Heavenly Father for this blessing!).  Now we just have to figure out in 3 days what to do with all our stuff.
So while I’m off being very very busy, check out our new flat.

Welcome and Enter the house we will call home for the next year or so.

Let me cook you up some treats in probably the nicest apartment kitchen I’ve ever had.

Take a walk down my hallway with me.

Hello Princess. Playing nice I hope.

I love red to an extent. Our yellow ducks seem to give this bathroom the right touch of fun yet elegance. 

Not very large, but we’ll see how many of our linens and games we can fit in this closet.

Due to room sizing, Princess V is going to be sharing a room with Prince L. How do you think a loft bed would work over a crib?

And at the end of the hall, our Master suite. Not quite comparable to our recent remodeling, but it will work. The recessed lighting is such a nice touch.

Tucked in the corner is a toilet and shower, with the sink outside across from our 

walk-in closet. I’ll give this space to Mark.

Off the Master is a little outdoor patio. Perfect for my recovered Chairs and table.

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoyed this home tour.

7 thoughts on “Downsizing: 2600 sq feet to 1300 sq feet

  1. I hope the move is a great one for your family! You'll definitely need my organizing in small spaces now 😉 😀 Your new apartment is very cute, it reminds me a lot of the different ones we've been in over the years! 🙂

  2. Oh and Provo is so nice! I've driven through there a million and one times through the years (just did again a few weeks ago! We always used to go down there to shop at the outlet 🙂

  3. The condo looks in good shape and the kitchen is great. I shared a room with 2 sisters the girls will be fine. They might even enjoy it. So sorry you have to go through this. It's not fun to be unsettled.

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