Emergency Preparedness Date Night Challenge

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Today I have a guest blogger sharing a fantastic date night with you! This emergency preparedness date night challenge will be both productive and bring you and your spouse closer. Enjoy!

Grab your Free Printable Date Nights for Christmas with the first in a series of Emergency Preparedness date nights!

Hi there!
I’m Melanie from PlanForAwesome.com and I am so excited to share these FREE PRINTABLES with all of Home Maid Simple’s readers today! 

First, you need to know that I am passionate about Emergency Preparedness.  It is SO IMPORTANT no matter who you are!! 

Second, you should know that I am a big-time fan of multi-tasking, multi-using, pretty much multi-anythinging. 

Third, Christmas is just around the corner.

Combine those three things, and you’ve got this post right here.

I am here to share a set of FREE PRINTABLE Emergency Preparedness Date Nights, along with a Family Emergency Preparedness Night.  What better time to give the gift of spending time with your spouse creating a safer, more secure home for your family, than Christmas?  Talk about multi-tasking!  I thought these date nights were the ultimate multi-tasking idea…but giving them as a Christmas gift to your spouse just took multi-tasking to a whole new level, because it can count as a Christmas gift too!

About the Emergency Preparedness Date Nights

Emergency Preparedness Date Nights

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I created this bundle because I have found that the topic of Emergency Preparedness is just too big and scary for most people to even think about.  I set out on this blogging adventure thinking I would burn through Emergency Preparedness information like nobody’s business, and get tons of traffic on my new blog because everyone needs this information.

But the truth is, whether they need it or not, they don’t want it.  It’s too overwhelming.

And so…the Date Night idea was born.

What if I could create a printable date night that would guide couples through smaller, easy-to-accomplish tasks in a 2-hour chunk of time?  Would they do it?  I gave it a try, and the response has been overwhelmingly encouraging.  These date nights have provided step-by-step instructions to get them going on preparing themselves, their homes, and their children for unexpected emergencies.

I think the coolest thing about them is that you know you will actually have accomplished something within two hours.  Each date night is designed so that the tasks listed can be checked off and completed two hours after you start.  THIS IS SO WORTHWHILE AND SO IMPORTANT!

The Details…

  • Each date night is designed to be able to be completed in a 2-hour uninterrupted block of time.
  • You will want to be AT YOUR HOUSE for these date nights.
  • If you cannot find a sitter, this is totally doable with kids – it just might take a little longer.  Or you could always wait until they’re in bed.  My favorite option would be to arrange a date night swap with a friend who wants to do these too.  Tell them about the date nights and then offer to watch their kids one night, and then have them watch your kids another night.  That way neither one of you is paying for a sitter, you get your house to yourself to really focus on this, and you motivate a friend to also take steps toward protecting and preparing their family.  There’s pretty much no downside to the date night swap idea.

To give you a taste of the date nights, we are putting the first one up for grabs right hereGo ahead and download it and print it out right now! 

Access to the rest of the FREE date nights, along with the FREE printable Family Emergency Preparedness Night, is available for free on my blog HERE.

The Gift

Give the gift of peace of mind. Free printable for Emergency preparedness date nights for Christmas!

I’ve seen several ideas on Pinterest and other social platforms lately, focused on gifting experiences this year for Christmas.  I have always loved the idea of giving my husband a stack of date nights ready to go for the year.  Equally as important and meaningful as a stack of date nights, is a calendar that shows you are committed to actually doing these dates. 

So I whipped up this little printable note for you to give your spouse for Christmas. Block out 4 Emergency Preparedness Date Nights on your calendar with the promise that you will take care of finding the sitter and arranging whatever needs to be arranged.  And then don’t think about it again, because you will have everything you need when you print out the date nights!

That’s It!

It’s free, it’s easy, and it is quite possibly the most important gift you will ever give your spouse (and yourself).  Ever. 

Here is everything you need.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

I would love for you to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!  See you soon ♥

Melanie from Plan For Awesome

Melanie is the blogger of PlanForAwesome.com, a blog about being prepared for any and everything. While she focuses largely on Emergency Preparedness, she also writes a lot about Organization and Kids.  She is a mom of 4, stepmom of 3, and is married to the handiest guy she knows.  In her spare time, she teaches piano and tutors math.

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