Winter Car Emergency Kit

Prep your winter car emergency kit before bad weather hits. ad

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This winter car emergency kit has been made possible by meori. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

With winter, comes the potential for an emergency situation where you are stuck in the car. From minor accidents like fender benders to larger ones such as sliding off a slippery road and getting stuck in a snowdrift. With a winter car emergency kit, you and your passengers will have the comfort needed in any crises. 

Be prepared this winter with a car emergency kit! Here's everything you need. ad

Thankfully I’ve never been in a terrible accident, but  I have had my fair share of winter emergencies where this emergency kit would have been extremely handy. I’ve tried to keep things both practical and useful. After all, who wants to carry extra ‘stuff’ in their car all winter long. Not me! Four kids and all their ‘stuff’ that seems to end up in the car is more than enough extras. 

So I’ve gathered everything you might need in an emergency – whether big or small – and compacted it into the meori foldable box with two compartments. I love that meori has CAR printed on it already, making it easy to see for everyone, including the husband, that this box belongs in the car.

Prep your winter car emergency kit before bad weather hits. ad

So what do I have in my winter car emergency kit? Let me tell you. 

We fit everything but the blankets into a backpack for ease of carrying if we actually have to leave the car somewhere. So far that has not occurred, thank goodness! The backpack itself then fits nicely inside one compartment in the meori box, while the other side fits 4 fleece blankets. Together it all fits snugly in the bag of my Honda Pilot. If you know anything about the pilot, the trunk space is probably the only downfall. Being able to store a fully loaded emergency kit with room leftover is quite impressive. 

Winter car emergency kit in the meori foldable box. ad

The meori box has proven to be quite durable. ait’s quality made and holds up well to a large semi-unorganized family. The car box has been fantastic, but that’s not all they have. I’ve used meori to organize inside the house too! Just check out these other uses for inside your home. 

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Organize your work files with meori filing box. ad

Winter Gear Storage

Keep hats, gloves, and scarfs organized with meori. ad

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