Everyday Enzymes that Help Digestion

Everyday Enzymes help promote healthy digestion. ad

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Start getting the most out of your food with the help of Everyday Enzymes. 

Everyday Enzymes help promote healthy digestion. ad

I had the opportunity last week to talk to Dr. Liz Cruz, the creator of Everyday Enzyme’s. I’m no health nut, and struggle understanding most health-related topics. Being able to talk with Dr. Cruz about the Everyday Enzyme’s was extremely helpful to me, and I hope it will, in turn, help you. 

What are Enzymes?

Enzymes are biochemical catalysts. They work to break down our food into molecules so that our body can process more of the nutrition held within. 

The following are the questions I asked Dr Cruz, and her answers summarized by me. 

Dr. Liz Cruz creator of Everyday Enzymes.

Why make Everyday Enzymes?

Dr. Cruz works as a gastroenterologist in Arizona. She had many clients complaining of issues such as feeling bloated, not feeling that their food was digesting, acid reflux, heartburn, low energy, and feeling moody. In her words “it’s much more than just gastrointestinal.” Dr. Cruz went on to explain the phenomenon known as the Enzyme Gap, which is a study that says every 10 years our bodies enzyme production goes down. She says there are 2 ways to combat this gap. #1. Eat Healthy. #2. Eat Enzymes

For awhile she would suggest over-the-counter enzymes but found because of the lack of quality in many pills, they still weren’t helping much. So she decided to make Everyday Enzyme’s as pure and natural as possible.

What would you say is the most important ingredient in Everyday Enzymes?

This was a fun conversation that I found very telling about the product. Dr. Cruz gave it a lot of thought and finally admitted to me that she didn’t believe anyone ingredient was more important than the others. She has worked to create a pill full of different enzymes all equally important to break different nutrients. 

What makes Everyday Enzymes better than eating Activia Yogurt?

This is where I learned quite a bit. Activia and other good yogurts are full of probiotics. Probiotics and Enzymes are not the same things. The probiotics add good bacteria that help keep our guts healthy, while Enzyme’s actually helped break down the food. 

How will I know if Everyday Enzymes is working for me?

Everyone is different, so it depends on the individual and why they are taking it. For her clients, it should help get rid of the feeling of bloating, or undigested food. In her own words “I take them, not because I have issues, but I’m 52, and in the long run I know they’ll help me.” 

So whether you’re taking them as something to benefit you, or to specifically help with gastrointestinal problems, how they show their effectiveness will be different. Dr. Cruz suggests taking them for at least 30 days, but preferably 90 days to start seeing any difference in health. 

Are Everyday Enzymes FDA approved?

Since this is not a drug, but a health supplement, the FDA does not treat it the same. However, because getting quality enzymes into these pills is important to Dr. Cruz, all of the ingredients are FDA certified.

I’m Having a Cholecystectomy, how will Everyday Enzyme’s benefit me?

This was a more personal question, as I was getting ready to have my gallbladder removed, and wanted to know if there were any specific benefits I could find taking Everyday Enzymes. Dr. Cruz told me whenever one of her patients has a cholecystectomy she encourages them to take enzymes. The function of our gallbladder is basically a back-up to help with our digestion. By taking away that back-up, I can use all the extra help in the digestion tract available. 

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Cruz and the Everyday Enzyme’s visit www.drlizcruz.com/


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