How to be More than a Facebook Like to Your Friends

Be more than a Facebook Like to your friends

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When was the last time you really paid attention to what your friends were posting on social media? Or the last time you reached out to a friend beyond liking their Facebook status?

Your friends are worth more of your time than just the occasional like or love on Facebook. Read this story to see how to show your friends they are worth more than a Facebook like.

I’m not very good at it myself. I get wrapped up in my own life, and although I follow my friends on Facebook, I’m often taking the shortcut of clicking that little thumbs up, heart, cry face, wow, or angry face and then moving on with scrolling. Taking not much more thought of what might actually be going on in their life.

Do You Know Your Friends

When people describe me, I have a feeling it’s usually “that busy mom of 5, running her own business.”

However, I’d rather be known as someone who always takes the time to listen, who knows what you are going through, and ready to help out in a moments notice. To be someone you can always count on to be there whether you reached out for help or not.

Photography by Rasheite K Photography

Do you see your friends? Do you know your friends? Do you truly love your friends? And if you say yes to all of those, do your friends know it?

I have had a number of experiences where I know I’ve been blessed with people who I would describe just like that. They saw me, despite the mask I tried to put on. They knew what I needed, and they let me know they loved me. However a few weeks ago may have been one of the sweetest moments.

I spent most of February stuck in a depressive mood. I knew I was depressed, but I couldn’t pull myself out of it – as is the case for most people struggling with mental health.

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Photogrpahy by Rasheite K Photography

Halfway through the month I received an email full of beautiful pictures of my kids. I had forgotten that early in January we spent the day with a fellow blogger as she grew her photography business. We got some beautiful photos of the kids from Rasheite.

These photos were a reminder of how good my life is, and what really matters – ie family. I shared the photos to Facebook, and briefly mentioned in the caption that it was just what I needed after a hard month.

When Friends Reach Out

A member of my congregation saw that post and rather than just liking the pictures she read what I wrote. In love she reached out to say she was sorry the month was hard and hoped I was feeling better. I didn’t have to tell her why it was hard, but because she reached out I took off the mask.

She then went a step further and asked if it would be OK if she prayed for me. I of course said yes. The power of those prayers have been felt daily when that depression starts tugging at the corners of my mind.

She didn’t stop there. A day later she stopped by my house with beautiful potted tulips, and the sweetest fruit salad I’ve ever tasted. We connected on a deeper level because she took the time out of her life to really see me. She got to know me, then showed me love and by example how to love.

Photography by Rasheite K Photography

I now hope to be more like my friend Chelsea. To see you. I’ll try to put those “likes, loves, sad, wow, and angry” faces into more real actionable emotions. I don’t know what that will look like exactly yet, but more love will be shared as a result.

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