Family Asian Night at Home with InnovAsian

Introduce your family to a new cuisine with InnovAsian, and make it a full experience! #BetterThenTakeOut ad

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Sharing a new cuisine with your family doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it can be downright fun! Thanks to InnovAsian we were able to transport ourselves to Asia with bold flavors in all of 20 minutes. Now you can too!

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Introduce your family to a new cuisine with InnovAsian, and make it a full experience! #NoTakeOutNeeded ad

Backup 7 years and we had just taken our first family vacation out of the United States. As a child I frequented Canada, and as a mother, I was given the opportunity to visit Japan. Admittedly this is a country I never expected to find myself in. I knew very little about their food, and even less about their culture. We had 2 small children at the time, so while nerve racking, it was an experience I didn’t want to miss. 

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Probably our favorite dining experience were all the different seating possibilities. While in the US we usually have the choice of a booth, table or bar, in Japan there were more varying heights of tables. You could sit at a normal table, a booth-like table that was close to the ground, and some places even had what appeared to be a short table, only to discover a hole underneath your legs could hang down! Truly an experience. 


Low dining in Japan

Only 2 of our kids, and they were so young at the time, got to experience this amazing trip. I love learning about cultures, though, so about once a month I like to make dinner from another country. Most of the time it’s just the food, but every once in awhile if the food isn’t too time consuming I like to put a little more effort into the night so we learn something more than what foods the whole family likes. Asian night is definitely the kids favorite because, hello, Chopsticks!

Chopsticks in the hand, Chopsticks in the hair. Family Asian night is a success! #NoTakeOutNeeded ad

Since InnovAsian is easy to prepare, I could spend a bit more time hanging with the kids, and prepping a seriously awesome Asian night. While I prepped some General Tso’s Chicken, Chicken Lo Mein, and Chicken Fried Rice I sent the kids off to dress up. We have more kimono’s then most people probably ever need – but our kids love them! I told them they may want to each grab a pillow too. I couldn’t fool them. They immediately knew we’d be eating close to the ground. 

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While General Tso’s Chicken tends to be a bit on the spicier side – sometimes I just need my spice – I had high hopes that the new seating arrangement, the use of chopsticks, and of course our Kimono’s would put everyone in an adventurous mood. I scored big time on this one! Everyone tried a bit of everything, and besides asking for some water, the kids loved it all!

Chloe’s first timid bite into her chicken was rewarded with an “HEY! This looks like a Chicken Nugget inside”. Well, what do you know about that! The rest of the kids were eager to try it after such a profound declaration and comparison to something else they all love. I secretly smiled knowing that these ‘chicken nuggets’ are made with all white-meat, lightly tempura battered, and no MSG! The kids didn’t need to know all that, though.

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You can pick up InnovAsian entree’s and sides at Walmart in the frozen food aisles. I find mine on the end shelf, up on top. I’m hoping next time we have our Asian night to find the potstickers and egg rolls – my personal favorites that really are too time-consuming to make from scratch. 

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Does your family love InnovAsian cuisine? 

Create your own family Asian night and earn rewards with InnovAsian’s rewards program. When you reach 1000 points you’ll earn a free box of InnovAsian! We’re already halfway to earning our first free box. 

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