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I was on top of things this week. I had a daily schedule of all the posts I wanted to put up, information, and fun photos I wanted to share with you.

Then Monday happened. my facebook newsfeed was flooded with “Prayers for Boston” and “Thinking of those in Boston”.

I panicked. My brother is in Boston. What was going on?  One friend posted a link to a live newsfeed, and I was sucked in. Organizing my craft room would have to wait, I was stunned, shocked, and overcome with emotions. Was my brother there? Was he ok? I can’t believe someone would do this. Those poor families. What about the rest of the racers? Legs lost? I might just lose it.

But I couldn’t. Not with my kids needing my attention still, school pick up still had to happen. Life was going on. And my phone wasn’t working. The second Mark came home, he began calling my family to see if anyone had heard from my brother.  Thankfully there had been an email sent to my parents saying he was ok. He had been in Boston, but they decided to leave about an hour before it happened. I was finally able to let the flood of tears come as Mark held me. He was ok. It was too close, though. Even closer, and sadder for many others. My heart broke for them, and the sadness they must be feeling.

Suddenly, talking about home buying didn’t seem as important today. Neither did gardening. Instead, I want to talk about love. Rather, I want to show you about love.


There are so many things that show love.  Through our everyday actions with our families and friends, to the bigger actions of serving strangers in times of need.

My college roommate once told me – “I like hugs. All kinds. A friend let me borrow some pants once, and it was like wearing a hug all day long.”

What hugs are you giving out? I think right now, we could all feel a little better with some big group hugs, Don’t you?

Give Boston some Hugs
Monetary donations directly helping victims of the bombing can be sent to
Stay up to date with how you can help by following #BostonHelp on twitter.

4 thoughts on “Family – Friends – It’s About Love

  1. Hug right back to you Adelina… it is so frightening to not know if a loved one is safe. Thanks goodness your brother is fine. Too many events lately, it's hard on the heart.

  2. It's all just almost too much to watch – but at the same time, I feel like I have to read it all, watch it all, KNOW it all – to honor the people that were lost. Weird? But that's always how I feel with any tragedy. I have to read it all, even though it makes me cry – so that I feel it. I know it. I remember it. Because if it was one of my family members who'd been lost…. I suppose that's what I would want. For people to know who they were, and remember…..

    1. Exactly Meagan! I don't really watch the news at all, but I've found myself sitting streaming live news periodically through the week. I want to know what's going on, but at the same time, I really don't want to because it's just too much.

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