Ham, lots of Ham {Menu Monday}

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Mark was given a 10lb Spiral Cut Ham for Christmas. It’s large, and more ham than our little family can eat in one night (way more!).  It was very nice of the local music store to think of the School Band directors though. So this week, we’ll be eating lots of ham.
Since we are also closing on our house tonight or tomorrow, I need quick and easy meals as well, that don’t use a lot of dishes. I actually bought paper plates to use as well, so I could pack our nice plates.

Monday – Ham fried Rice
Tuesday – Ham and Pineapple Pizza
Wednesday – Ham Fritata
Thursday – Ham and Potatoes
Friday – Eating out on the way to my parents
Saturday – Date out
Sunday – family dinner at Mark’s brothers.

Lunches – Ham Sandwiches
Breakfasts – Ham and eggs, Quiche, Ham egg and cheese sandwich, donuts (for moving day)

What do you do with a lot of ham?


One thought on “Ham, lots of Ham {Menu Monday}

  1. What a lovely gift! The spiral-sliced ham is great for freezing into recipe-size portions. Another great way to stretch that ham (and your grocery dollar) is to use it in soups. Just throw a handful into a batch of Potato Cheese soup, or make Ham n Bean soup. You can also make Ham-bone soup; some hams come with a recipe right on the packaging.

    Good luck with the move! Can't wait to see pictures. :o)

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