Stop House Fires Before They Start with FireAvert

Stop house fires before they start

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Have you ever had a fire in your home? What if I told you there was a way to help stop oven fires before they ever start? Most house fires occur because of a lack of attention. Simple changes can help prevent you from the devastating effect of a house fire. 

Stop house fires before they start

Mark and I LOVE watching Shark Tank. With my interest in marketing and Mark’s interest in new ideas, it’s a fun show that we can both get into. Some products make us shake our heads, some make us hungry, and others have us looking at the product website to see if we can fit it in our budget. We’ll sit there and guess which Shark might give the entrepreneur a deal and whether they’ll follow through after the show. 

One deal we were thrilled to see go through was FireAvert. A simple plug-in for your stove that will auto shut-off your stove in case of fire. 

Stop house fires before they start with FireAvert

How does it work? Simple really! When your smoke alarm goes off, the FireAvert responds by cutting power to your stove. In case of a fire, you won’t be worrying about turning the stove off because it’s already off. More likely, though, because smoke comes before a fire, your stove will shut off before the fire ever starts. 

Having experienced a few house fires myself, this product is golden! When I saw it on Shark Tank, I knew it had to get a deal. Stove Fires are the #1 cause of house fires in the US! Who wouldn’t invest in a product that would benefit every home in America? 

Easy to install FireAvert. Prevent house fires before they ever start

While fairly simple to install, being familiar with your home’s electrical breakers will be beneficial. You’ll need to cut power, for your safety, to the stove before plugging it in. Once plugged in, follow the easy to understand directions for syncing your FireAvert with the smoke detectors you already have. Now would be a great time to check the battery in your smoke detectors as well. 

While a bit of an initial investment on AmazonI believe it’s a peace of mind money can buy! The only downside I currently see to FireAvert is that they only work on electrical stoves. As a gas stove loving girl, I hope to see a future product for gas stoves. I’ve been told they’re working on it and hope to eventually have something for gas stoves. 

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Would you feel safer knowing your stove had an auto shutoff?

32 thoughts on “Stop House Fires Before They Start with FireAvert

  1. I love the concept of this product. I do agree with you however – I am a fan of a gas stove, so I would hope that they could find a way to come out with a way to create one for the gas stove as well. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my goodness, we have a family of 8 with my inlaws who constantly have oops moments with the stove. This is such a smart idea. Thanks so much for sharing. I am totally looking into this.

  3. That’s a great safety feature. I have smoke detectors, but this sounds like a way to stop trouble before it starts.

  4. I remember seeing this on Shark Tank- it’s a great idea and I’ll be putting one in my home when we move into our house. You really never can ave enough precautions.

  5. That would be a really nice product to have. This would come in handy. I would love to be able to possibly stop something before it happened.

  6. oh this is such a cool product. since i am older i think about house fires more and this will help alot to remove some of those thoughts. thanks

  7. That’s pretty neat. My husband and I love watching Shark Tank as well. I haven’t seen this one before though. I’d personally feel safer knowing my stove had an auto off. I really would have loved this at our old house, where we had a gas stove. That always made me paranoid that I had left it on by mistake.

    1. Oh my goodness yes! Anytime I smell something funny, the first place I check is the gas stove to see if I left it on, or one of the kids touched it and turned it on – darn knobs in the front of the stove.

  8. Having survived a near deadly house fire, I can relate to how important fire safety truly is! I really need to get one of these too!

  9. You can never be too prepared to prevent fires! Any little bit that could prevent a fire is the little bit that could stop a disaster!

  10. My hubby and I watch Shark Tank regularly and love every innovative product featured in there – like this fireavert product. Awesome and perfect for everyone.

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