How to Hang Art like the Pros

How to hang art like the pros

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You’ve moved into a new home and you are ready to hang all those beautiful family photos or that special piece of artwork you purchased. No need to dread putting holes in your walls anymore as you learn how to hang art like the pros. I received a product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated when you purchase from them.

How to hang art like the pros

Pick Your Art

Before you can hang your art you’ll need something to hang. When each of our kids is born, Mark and I put together a puzzle that we then glue together and hang in their room. This is a fun piece that always sparks conversation with friends. Another great option is to commission a piece from your favorite Instagram photo. The Beare Canvas did this beautiful piece of my girls after I snapped the photo with my phone.



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The Display

Nobody likes bare walls, although too many hangings can also become overwhelming. To figure out the best display for your wall, start with a blank piece of paper. Draw out a few designs with the pieces of art you’d like to hang. Play with different sizes and amounts of art. Once you have a general idea on paper, start laying your pieces out on the floor. I’m a very visual person, so if you lay out a white sheet first, and then the art on top it will give you an even better idea of how it will look on the wall. 

Hanging the Art

Now that you’ve chosen your art and created a display, it’s time to get hanging! This is the part I always dread, especially as a renter, because of all the holes. Larger photos may need 2 nails to keep them up, while the smaller pieces only require one, there are usually more of them in a gallery meaning more holes. To get around this, I suggest using the STAS picture hanging system. It’s a new system to hang art while minimizing the holes in the wall and allowing you to change up your design every now and then with ease. 

Hang art professionaly with STAS picture hanging systems. ad

So how does STAS work? The STAS picture hanging system is a rail that you mount on your wall. It blends well if you mount it at the top of the wall, or adds a beautiful Art Galley feel if you bring it down a bit. To the rail you attach different cords depending on the look you’re going for. We wanted more discreet, so our Superman puzzle has been hung on the white perlon cord, blending seamlessly into the wall. To the cord, you attach your desired hooks. These vary based on what it is you want to hang and how heavy the artwork is. 

Do you know what else I love about the STAS? I no longer have to worry if I’ve got my art up straight, especially those bigger pieces that require more than one nail. With STAS the picture will always be straight. Now you can hang art just like the pros!

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