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Fresh Cab Rodent repellent

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There once was a grasshopper who didn’t save food for the winter. When the cold weather set in, he looked to the ants for food and shelter. 

What does that have to do with mice you may ask?  Well, the weather is getting colder, and the mice of the world are looking for someplace warm to hole up for the winter. They will find the holes in your walls, vents, and any other way to get into your house, and storage and make their nest. Mice are NOT FUN!  I kid you not, I have had my fair share plus some, of mice in the house.

Our first experience was when a mouse died under our fridge. We didn’t know, and it brought ants. Lots of ants. The more I tried to get rid of them, the worse they became (including sprouting wings) until we finally found the mouse. YUCK!

Last fall we were renting a house next to a huge overgrown field. One morning I woke up and found our cereal boxes chewed through and droppings all over the top of the fridge. From there they escalated. I was still nursing Prince L at the time, with frequent late night feedings.  As I would sit there feeding Lincoln, I could hear the mice scurrying around the walls, and even watched some leap over boxes and come way too close to my feet for comfort.

One day I was relaxing on the floor with the Princesses during some quiet time, and I literally played peek-a-boo with a mouse around one of the walls. He’d poke his head out, I’d stare daggers and laser-beams – he would duck his head back around, then pop it out again.

This year I am not taking any chances! We have a storage shed on site, and are renting a storage unit as well while trying to purge our things and fit into 1300sq feet. We have kids clothes stored, my fabric stash, and all our holiday decorations and books. I really don’t want these things to be ruined so I’m taking some precautions, including putting everything into plastic bins, and then using Fresh Cab to detract mice from coming in.

I am really enjoying the Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent. It is completely safe to use around kids and animals. Made out of all natural fibers and oils, Fresh Cab repels mice simply by scent.

The mixture containing Balsam Fir smells so amazing! It’s like walking into a forest. the Balsam Fir is a natural pesticide, which keeps the mice out. Once you can no longer smell the the fragrance, you know it’s time to change the pouch.

I’ve been using Fresh Cab for about a month now in our storage shed, and have not seen any traces of mice. I hope this keeps up all winter. I’d be happy if I never saw a mouse again.

What do you do to keep mice out?

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  1. I actually had to scroll down quickly b/c I can't stand the site of a mouse. I never experienced them until moving further North. Thanks for sharing this helpful info to keep my house a home and not a mouse trap.

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