How to Care for Natural Hair

How to care for your natural hair.

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Let’s just get the elephant out of the room right now. I am a white woman that doesn’t fully know the struggles of the Natural Hair movement.

How to care for your natural hair.

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So phew, glad we could take care of that right away. When The Good Stuff asked me to write this post, I thought it was completely different. I had honestly never heard the term “natural hair” before. Other than in the respect that I have natural hair – it’s not dyed (currently), it’s not permed, and I don’t spend hours of my day applying product or heat to make it do what I want. I would consider my hair “natural”. Heck, the greys are even coming through and I’m letting them stay!

When I was just a kid, the compliments on my hair were always forthcoming. I often heard people wish they had hair like mine, while I was wishing to have straight thin hair like theirs.

Tips for all women and girls to care for and love your natural hair. ad

Mine was THICK, unmanageable, and the natural waves weren’t cohesive – rather they had a mind of their own. I would have given anything for my hair to be thin and straight. Easy to brush, and to lay across my head the way I told it to.

These days, my tune has changed. I have come to love my hair, and desire to see other girls learning to love their natural hair too. With three daughters, we strive to teach them to love who they are and the way they look naturally. This includes understanding their different hair personalities and how to care for them.

Love Your Natural Hair

love your natural hair

First things first – you must love your hair. If you love your hair, your hair will love you back. It’s much like anything in life. The energy we send out, is the energy we will have returned to us. So if you currently struggle with your hair, try loving one thing about it – whether it’s the natural color, it’s health, shape, etc. Love on that one aspect of your hair, and overtime you’ll start to love it all.

Maybe right now all you can say is that you love that you have hair! If that’s where you have to start, then start there. Many are out there who would love to have hair, no matter the struggles it might bring.

Minimize Washing

Natural hair does not need washed daily.

Turns out, you don’t need to wash your hair daily. In fact, daily washing really isn’t great for any hair or scalp! I personally stick to more of a weekly wash and conditioning, but this is something you have to learn for yourself.

Depending on what you are doing each day, just pay attention to your hair and you’ll know when it’s time for another wash. If you are more active, and some weeks I am, you may find washing to be a more frequent need.

Keep it Natural

keep your hair care routine natural.

It seems to make sense that if you want to truly care for your natural hair, than you would keep your routine, well….natural. I don’t use products in my hair. At least not very often. I’d love to say this is because my hair doesn’t need them, but truth be told, I wouldn’t know what to do with 90% of hair products set in front of me. On that note though, whenever I go to the salon, I receive compliments on how healthy my hair is. I don’t think this is a coincidence.

By minimizing what chemicals and additives we put in our hair, then our natural hair can really shine. If you have to use product try to keep it as natural based as possible. Then only use it when absolutely necessary.

Let it Air Dry

Air dry your natural hair.

One of the best things I can do for my hair is to let it air dry. It almost always looks the best, and minimizing heat on our hair helps keep it healthy. We can’t always let it air dry (hello polar vortex), but the more often you can, the healthier your hair will be.

So from one white girl who believes in the natural beauty of all, please, love your hair! Let your natural beauty shine, because you are beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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  1. Hello, thanks for your blog, the tips you shared for natural hair is amazing. I also prefer natural hair and take care of them naturally. Thanks and keep sharing.

  2. Hi Adelina, I have noticed that using organic shampoos and hair care products are one of the best ways you can have beautiful, natural hair.

    Traditional shampoos contain a lot of chemicals such as SLS and SLES. These are sulfates that dry your hair and makes the hair brittle. After switching to organic shampoos, my hair has become beautiful and strong again. Great post, thanks for sharing.
    Samantha Wright recently posted…PhytoWorx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo Product ReviewMy Profile

  3. This article helpful for me about Healthy Hair This Spring. I worried about hair care. Now my confusion has cleared by your review and gotten much information from your article. But I have a little question that, how many days later will I use shampoo for hair quickly grow and strong in a week alongside with best foods? Could you please suggest me? Then I will be benefited by your valuable consultancy.

  4. This article is very useful for people with hair loss problems. In most cases, there are different types of conditioners or shampoos for healthy hair, but one thing that is neglected is that using the intense amount of chemicals can damage the hair. This is one of the main reasons for hair loss. You should use natural products such as mustard oil. It makes your hair strong, long and healthy. When I talk about myself, I use mustard oil instead of other chemicals.

  5. Thank you Adelina for this article. Taking care of natural hair is something that’s easy for almost everyone. It’s not as complicated as dealing with color-treated hair. Another thing to take note when trying to take care of natural hair, is to avoid using harsh shampoos that contain sulfates and try to limit washing the hair to once per week. Weekly deep-conditioning can also help to hydrate natural hair, which tends to be on the dry side, and applying leave-in moisturizers every day can prevent frizziness
    Charlice recently posted…How to Choose a Mini Flat Iron for Short HairMy Profile

  6. This is really a great article and a great read for me. It’s my first visit to your blog and I have found it so useful and informative. Thank you

  7. Hey Adelina. Thanks for sharing such a helpful post. You are right accepting our natural hair is very important. I have wavy hairs and facing dandruff which makes my scalp itchy. I am going to follow all the tips mentioned by you as I want to take care of my hair naturally. Keep sharing more natural hacks.

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  11. Thank you so much for this enlightening post, I have significantly got some thing right here and I will bookmark this page for your next upcoming post.

  12. Nice post, but I don’t know that why my hair become white in young age, I used many products by my hair do not turn into silky, my hair is very hard to comb. Can you help me find good product for me. Please email me.

  13. It’s interesting to know that we’re not actually required to wash our hair on a daily basis. My wedding will take place three months from now and I want to ensure that my curls will be in their best state. It might also be a good idea to find hair styling professionals who can handle my 3b type of curls.

  14. I am a service holder so I always dry my hair with hair dryer. For this reason my hair is fully damaged and I also loss my hair. When I saw your blog on internet I have started to follow all the tips mentioned by you as I want to take care of my hair naturally.

  15. Great explanation! Exactly I was looking for such nice information on regarding take care of my hair naturally. Thanks for sharing this informative advice and I understood all vital points regarding this natural hair care tips!

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