Paper Trax: The Toy Kids Will Love

Check out Paper Trax for your holiday gifting. ad

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I received Paper Trax for review. All thoughts are 100% my honest feelings. 

Are you still looking for a gift that that the kids will just love this Christmas? Something that won’t take up tons of space, but will still create joy and excitement every time it’s played with? Have I got the gift for you!

Check out Paper Trax for your holiday gifting. ad

The first time I heard of Paper Trax was when Lincoln found The Axel Show on youtube. I immediately fell in love with this dad/son duo and the wholesome real life experiences my son was watching. When they checked out the Paper Trax, we were hooked. Cardboard race tracks, that attach to the walls via command strips? It was perfect!

So of course, we had to try it ourselves. Those of you living in apartments know how bare your walls can seem. You either don’t want to, or can’t put holes in the walls, and that leaves some wide open blank spaces for kids coloring and fingerprints….hopefully you have better luck with that than I do…

Paper Trax install without damage to the walls! ad

The first thing I would say is before you start attaching the Paper Trax to the wall,  have someone hold them up and test out a few cars. We still have a pretty sweet raceway, it just has a couple bumps in the road since we skipped testing it out before attaching. The nice thing, though, is we could take them down, attach new command strips, and replace them to create a more efficient track. 

For now, we’ll leave it as is because the kids are having a blast seeing which cars will race the whole way, and which ones will jump track. Which reminds me, I need to install a basket at the end of the track to catch the cars as they fly off the ends. 

Paper Trax just released their corner trax making this toy even cooler! Race around the whole room, or around hallways!

One thought on “Paper Trax: The Toy Kids Will Love”

  1. Thank you for the great review! Glad to see the kids enjoying Paper Trax!!!! We love your Trax setup as well, very cool.

    Wishing you a Happy Holidays!

    The Paper Trax Family

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