5 Reasons Why We Should Be Playing Ping Pong

5 Reasons We Should Be Playing Ping Pong

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Ping pong or table tennis is a sport we all played at a certain time in our life. Maybe your parents had an old table in the basement or maybe your childhood memories revolve around this game, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it doesn’t take long to learn it, and anyone can join in.

5 Reasons We Should Be Playing Ping Pong

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But besides being extremely easy to learn, there are other benefits to consider before tossing the paddles away.

#1:  General Fitness

First and foremost, this is an aerobic exercise you do with pleasure! So, if you hate running on the treadmill or working on the stationary bike, ping pong is a fantastic way to improve your fitness. Furthermore, if you play it like a pro (meaning fast), your heart will get a fantastic exercise out of it and you’ll sweat like you never did in the gym!

#2: A Sport for the Family

In today’s day and age, it is difficult to get the entire family involved in one activity. Sure, you can take the kids to park, but they won’t lift their eyes from their phones!

On the other hand, a good outdoor table like the ones I saw on bestpingpongtables.io and a few warming sets will get the ball rolling. Once you get the kids hooked on ping pong, you’ll never have to worry about them spending too much time in the house ever again!

#3: A Non-Contact Sport

Jogging can be rough on your joints while lifting weights or doing cardio in the gym can be quite strenuous on the muscles. This is a problem that doesn’t show up when you play table tennis. You don’t need to force yourself to play very fast and you can still break a sweat and feel the action.

Not to mention, there is no risk of getting bruised or pushed while playing because there are no teammates to get in contact with!

#4: Mental Sharpness

Besides all the physical benefits, ping pong was proven to sharpen the mind and improve memory and focus. The action stimulates the only portion of our brain that is still capable of producing neurons and forming new neuronal pathways. As a result, people who play ping pong constantly will get smarter and will focus better. This is also why some specialists recommend the sport to children since they are still able to develop their brain.

#5: Hand-Eye Coordination

Have you ever tried to toss a ball in one direction and it went in a completely different one? Or maybe you keep dropping things and bumping into obstacles that you see but don’t really register correctly.

This is what we call clumsiness and I was one of the biggest butterfingers ever! But with ping pong, my depth perception improved, and my hand-eye coordination got better. Now, as a fully-grown adult, I can drink my coffee without spilling and I can shoot a bow and arrow with high accuracy.

Ping pong is one of the most fun ways to help your clumsy kids get better at interpreting the world around correctly.

In Conclusion

As you can see, table tennis is a fantastic game for both kids and adults. It’s also a way to spend more time with the family and teach the kids a bit about staying fit and healthy. So, whip up that old table and have at it!

15 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why We Should Be Playing Ping Pong

  1. Agree with you, as a family fun game its super, but i think its also great fun with fitness game for kids and middle age also. every weekend i try to play at least 2-4 hours with my kids and my husband. its also help me to reduce my daily stress and burn some calories.
    thanks for sharing your great piece of article.

  2. This is a great post, Adelina! My number reason for playing table tennis is generally for fitness. It is a great fully body exercise and could be done even with or without a partner around using tools like robots, return boards, or with the traditional walling technique.

  3. Ping pong is a great sport I must say. I recently bought a ping pong table and ever since it has become a great indoor activity for us. It helps to switch off from other things and have some fun time. The good thing is that you don’t have to leave your house for it like some other sports and it doesn’t even take much space. I agree with you on the benefits of playing as it really improves your hand to eye coordination and keeps your fitness as well. Thanks a lot for the amazing article!
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  4. This is a goldmine!
    I normally don’t read many articles as they seems to be all same.However, I love this article. This is very valuable information. Keep up the good work…

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