POM POMS Fresh Arils review

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If you were to ask me my favorite fruit it would be pomegranates. I love when winter comes around because it means fresh pomegranates at the grocery store. I have to have at least one pomegranate each year. The biggest problem with pomegranates though are peeling them. It’s not like your normal fruit. The part of a pomegranate you want to eat are the seeds, or Arils. Once you open up the pomegranate you have to dig the Arils out from the skin that has formed around them. The work is worth it for the most delicious fruit out there, but it’s also very messy.

POM Wonderful has developed many products using pomegranates, like their POM beverages, supplements, bars and juice concentrate. Their newest product is the POM POMS Fresh Arils. POM Wonderful has done all the hard messy work for us, and packaged the Arils, fresh and ready to eat. I was in a personal heaven when I opened my POM POMS, and spooned some out. Frankly I was amazed at how fresh these tasted. Most precut fruit I find was picked too early, or doesn’t have a fresh taste. Not so with the POM POMS Fresh Arils. I really felt that I had just opened a pomegranate on my own. Eating the Arils all by themselves has always been how I ate them. I had never considered adding them to anything else, until the hard work was taken out of it. After eating about 1/4 of my packaged Arils I had the brilliant idea to add them to ice cream. I kept it simple, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, topped with fresh Arils. They completely took the place of a cherry on top!
You can visit Pom Wonderful’s recipe page for all kinds of new ways to eat your Arils.
Two of the three kids really enjoyed the Arils as well! I had to separate myself and feed the animals over the fence. I could’ve stayed in the cage with them, but I’m a tad selfish when it comes to Pomegranate’s as well.  I had to keep some for a midnight snack!

Don’t miss your chance to get some POM POMS Fresh Arils. They’re available now through February. Accordin to the POM Wonderful website you can freeze them for a couple of months. I may need to go grab a couple more packages to freeze and have throughout the year. 

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*I received a free POM POMS Fresh Arils for my review. All opinions are my own.  

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