How I Protect my Phone

Protect your phone with intelliGLASS

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I received intelliGLASS screen protector for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. 

My kids play on my phone ALL the time! I’ve tried taking off all the games and even Netflix, but they still ask to play on it especially when we’re stuck waiting at places like the dentist, or when I have a lot of work to get done, and they just want to be near me. So how do I protect my phone from damage?

Protect your phone with intelliGLASS

My phone has suffered through falls in toilets, sticky hands, spilled juice, and more in the hands of my children. So wouldn’t you know it, when accidentally drop it at the bus stop one morning, it cracks the corner fairly decently. My last phone did not make it through a jump in the lake when one child got too far from the shore, so I’ve been trying so hard to take care of it this time around. 

Protect your phone from cracks with intelliGLASS screen protector

I’ve avoided cases for it because I break those too. Frequently. And they tend to be too bulky for me to hold or stick in my pockets. I enjoy the slim design of my phone but knew I needed something to protect it. I found intelliGLASS and crossed my fingers it was the solution. SO SO SO happy you guys!

My biggest concern when installing, was that it wouldn’t bond because of the cracks going on in the corner. It wasn’t a problem at all! The installation is a breeze, and the package comes with everything you need for installation – the new screen protector, an alcohol wipe, a microfiber cloth, a dust film, and even a straight edge for smoothing out any bubbles. 


Did I mention how much I LOVE my new intelliGLASS screen protector? I’ve tried picking the edge to see just how strong it’s attached, and to make sure my kids can’t peel it off when they play. It is on there, and good! Besides protecting my phone screen from future cracks, it has also been great from little dirty fingers. The screen is amazingly clear still, and the kids have been on and off it since I installed it. 

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How do you protect your phone?

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