How to Have a Romantic Evening at Home

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How to Have a Romantic Evening at Home

by Alek Sabin

How to have a romantic evening at home When you picture a romantic evening with your significant other, what are you imagining? Rooftop restaurants and majestic getaways? That’s fair, but the more extravagant you make a nice romantic night on the town, the further away it gets from being a reality. You don’t really need to break the bank by going out to a fancy restaurant, at least not if you’re willing to put in a little more effort and get a little creative. Truth be told, some of the best romantic evenings can be had in the confines of your own home. Here are some steps on how you can have a romantic evening at home…

Invite your partner, formally

How to have a romantic evening at home beyond Netflix

Just because you are planning on having a date night in, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a little fancy with it. This shouldn’t feel like a lazy date, just because you’re having it at home. The first step to making this feel like more of an event is to actually formally invite your partner. Get a nice invitation made up, and then find a clever way to ask them on the date. It might feel a little silly, but it will show them that you care and that this is more than just your typical night in.

Still get dressed up

How to have a romantic evening at home beyond Netflix

There might be nothing nicer than putting on some sweats for a cuddly night of Netflix. In some ways, that’s the most romantic date of all, but it’s not really the point of planning a nice night in. If you want to make this date feel special, still treat it as if you were going out to a 5-star restaurant. That means putting on your best threads. Take some time to prepare yourself and look your best, even if you aren’t even leaving the house in that outfit. This shows your partner that you took all that time to get ready just for them, and them alone.

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Make your home feel like a getaway

How to have a romantic evening at home beyond Netflix

If you really want a date night in your home to feel special, then take some pains to make your home feel different than it normally does. Getting some romantic decorations to set the mood for your date is going to make all the difference in feeling like it’s any other night or feeling like you really are at an extravagant getaway. Some classic romantic decorations could simply include some flowers and candles. It’s not a lot, but it goes a long way towards setting the tone of the evening.

Go above and beyond for the meal

How to have a romantic evening at home beyond Netflix

If you don’t want to spend all that money on going out to eat, then why not take it a step further and put in the effort to show how much better your home cooking is, anyway? Cooking together can be a really romantic activity where you both work towards something that you both get to enjoy. When it comes to picking the right dish, either stick with something that you know you can prepare and cook well or, if you’re feeling adventurous, crack open the internet to try a new exotic recipe that you’ve never tried before! You’re bound to have a few “someday I’ll try…” recipes sitting on a Pinterest board out there.

Try making your own drinks

How to have a romantic evening at home beyond Netflix

A great way to make a meal feel like a lot more is by dressing it up with all the frills that you’d get at a party or restaurant. That means mocktails, appetizers, and a special dessert, and maybe even serving up dinner in a few separate courses. If you want to make the evening extra-special, try making some fun new mocktails, which are usually pretty simple to put together. Put some extra effort into presentation.

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