Rosie Posie….Bucket of Worms?

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Today my 3rd Princess…Princess R…turned 3 years old. She acts a whole lot older with her clear vocabulary, and very grown up facial expressions. She can give a stink eye like none other, and she never gives up when she wants something badly.

Awhile ago, I must have said this to her, but I called out one day “Rosie…Posie”, and she responded in a sly little voice “Bucket of Worms…*giggle giggle*”

The truth: she is my bucket of worms – my squishy, sometimes gross, fish catching bucket of worms.

Dear Princess R,

You have always loved the camera, but don’t always feel like smiling for it. These days you prefer to smile and run away from the camera in hopes I’ll chase you down with it. 

In your first year and a half of life you were prone to enjoy odd places, and loved getting into the most trouble you could find

That eye wound gave me a good fright, but all turned out well.

In your second year, you were determined to become one of the big girls, and refused to let your sisters leave you behind. Although sometimes that was difficult since they are closer in age, for the most part I get to witness beautiful moments of sisterly love. 

Shortly after you turned 2 you were no longer my baby, but became a big sister.  You stepped up to the plate, and showed me that you knew how to be a big sister. But you continued to be my bucket of worms as I recently watched you use brother as your horse but also made sure to share your applesauce when he was hungry.

  Happy Birthday Princess.  I can’t wait to see what the coming years will bring as you continue to shine with your very unique personality.  Come fall it will just be you, Prince L and I at home. I have adventures planned for the 3 of us!

I love you baby girl!

Love, Mom.

Princess R’s only request for her birthday was an M&M cake. I was happy to oblige, but learned something in the process.
Don’t mix the M&M’s into the batter. The will sink to the bottom, and stick to the pan. Of course cupcake liners would have worked just fine, I didn’t use those either. Next time I’ll try topping the batter with M&M’s just before cooking.

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