Santoki and LEGO Stationery Review

Check out the new LEGO Stationary from Santoki #LEGOStationary ad

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Nothing delights me more than watching my kids use their imagination. It means they’re not crying about being bored, and using the intelligence they have been blessed with. Playing with the new LEGO Stationery from Santoki gave us a good time to put that creativity to work. 

Check out the new LEGO Stationary from Santoki #LEGOStationary ad

We were sent a Red Gel Pen and Black Marker from the LEGO Stationery sets, along with a LEGO Race Car building set. It was perfect timing as we celebrated the Indy 500 the same weekend we received the package. Venice was thrilled to put this together, and write with her new LEGO’s. 

For now she’s been using them to write in her journal, and just for plain old fun. I can see these being a huge benefit once school is back in session though. I think I can say most kids hate sitting down to do homework after a long day at school. Writing is the last thing they usually want to do at home. If they have the LEGO Stationery, I can see less complaints and more fun. 

Santoki LEGO Stationary #LEGOStationary ad

I believe in making compromises to help kids enjoy hard tasks, and Homework is one of those. We take a lot of little breaks until we can get it all done. With a place right on the writing tool to build their designs, the kids will be able to get their homework done in a more efficient time frame – at least I hope that’s what will happen

The pen and marker are pretty cool, but I’ve got my eye on the pencil packet and storage container for Back to School time!

Do Your Kids Love building with LEGO and writing?

Check out the new Santoki LEGO Stationery.

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