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Ever since my brother told me he’s moving his family to Belgium this summer, I’ve been determined to make a trip back East to see them before they go. I’ve been racking my brain for ways to cut our monthly costs back. I thought I had done everything I could, without starving my family (I promise we eat a nice balanced diet) when I came across LED power
LED Energy Smart bulbs #LEDSavings #shop #cbias
LED lighting has been around for awhile, but they aren’t cheap upfront, and it’s not something I’ve seen or noticed in a lot of homes. Since I was unfamiliar with it, I wasn’t so sure the initial cost would really save us money. I’m one who won’t buy a store membership just to get a little savings – so buying a single LED powered bulb for what I would normally get 2 or more bulbs for wasn’t too convincing at first.
That would be like judging a book by it’s cover though, so I did some more research into what kind of savings I would get by purchasing the LED light bulb. Check out the types of savings I found – not just for me, but the environment as well!
Infographic sources – GE Energy Consumption calculator
15X Longer than incandescent Bulbs!!! Let’s look at that one a little bit closer  – I buy incandescent bulbs for around $3-$5/bulb. One GE LED Energy Smart is on average $10/bulb but can get up to $15 for a regular indoor bulb. To buy one LED I’m spending 3X the money up front. However, if I buy the incandescent, it’s going to burn out a lot sooner than the LED – 15x sooner actually. Let’s do a quick life cycle cost analysis shall we?
$5×15 = $75
$15×1 = $15
You all see what I did there right? Over the lifetime of 1 LED bulb I’m saving $60 in bulb replacement costs. That would equal to filling up with gas once. Alright, I’m feeling a little more sold on my upfront costs so I bought a couple at my Walmart to try out.
LED lights in Paint and Hardware at Walmart #LEDSavings #shop #cbias
Now what’s this about the trees?  You can head over to GE’s website and input the number and style of bulb you are replacing in your home and it does a couple calculations for you. I’m a tree lover, and that number just astounded me! I decided to start with just replacing the 4 bulbs I bought, and see what kind of savings I was going to get. 
Energy Savings Calculator #LEDSavings #shop #cbias

With just 4 bulbs replaced I’m lowering our energy bill by $20/year, and reducing the co2 as if I planted over 3 million acres of trees! The savings would cover almost 1 full bill in the summer, leaving me a little extra for our trip back east.Later I input enough bulbs to replace all the lights in my home which is where the 15 million acres of trees comes from on the infograph above, but my yearly savings also jumped up to just over $80. That’s a good winter’s energy bill completely eliminated, and in two years will have more than covered the initial cost of all the bulbs. 

LED lights reduce co2 #LEDSavings #shop #cbias

Finally, did you see the savings cost on a typical household energy bill? Pretty impressive. I’d love to lower my yearly costs to only $26! Put that other $238 in my pocket. What I love about this, besides just the monetary savings, is that the LED lights are designed to improve lighting performance, while also eliminating the wasted heat.Ever turn off a light and try to change the bulb? CFL’s get hot quick! While playing around with the LED and CFL’s, I found I could leave the LED on longer, and remove it immediately after turning off the light, while the CFL after just a few seconds got way too hot to touch. Disclaimer: please please always do a quick touch to any lightbulb before grabbing hold so you don’t burn yourself. The bottoms of the LED lights do get hot.  

LED lights are Thermal Conscious #LEDSavings #shop #cbias
 Grab this tutorial for a Clarinet Lamp
So remember how I said I wanted to head back east this summer, but I didn’t know what else I could cut from our budget? Look what the GE LED Energy Smart lightbulbs just saved me – 
$60 in bulb replacement costs
$80 from my energy bill (but can be up to $238 for the average household)
That gives me an extra $140 to spend on our vacation – we could actually get a nice hotel for that!
What would you do with the savings from a GE LED Energy Smart bulb?
For more Savings info, and to keep up with GE Lighting Follow them on
Sarah Mock from How I Pinch a Penny put together this amazing video on the GE LED lights that is just FAB! Watch the video to see how she is saving

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  1. Wow, planning a trip to visit family in Belgium sounds like so much fun! I love that you are able to see your savings and add to your vacation fund by switching to GE LED Energy Smart bulbs. #client

  2. It’s important to save money! Saving energy are both friendly to the environment as well as your utility bill. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Outlets or light switches should not make a sound. They also shouldn’t be hot to the touch or charred. These are tell-tale signs of something serious, like faulty wiring near or inside the outlet, or a loose connection on a switch which could lead to a short. If that’s the case, don’t assume this is a minor thing you can do yourself and call a pro immediately.

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