The Art of Silent Parenting

Have you tried learning the art of Silent Parenting? Stop talking, and just breathe.

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Have you ever taken a moment to truly look into your child’s eyes? I don’t mean a glance at them, while you try to figure out their current stage. I’m talking truly looking at them, watching them, and not saying a single word. The art of Silent Parenting.

Have you tried learning the art of Silent Parenting? Stop talking, and just breathe.

I’m trying to look at my children the way I suppose God looks at me. He doesn’t talk to me, He doesn’t yell when I screw up. He just watches.

When the kids become frustrated and wrapped up in their emotions, I tell them to breathe. Maybe it’s time I now took that breath. I need to stop talking and breathe. They don’t always need to hear from me. Sometimes I’m learning they just need to know I see them. To catch me watching them with a smile as they succeed or try something new. Or to see the look of compassion and understanding during a trial, when words may just cause more hurt and self-disappointment.

Take a moment to observe your children from a distance. Practice Silent Parenting.

They need me and their Dad. People who want them to succeed, but won’t berate them when they fall short. They need me to stop talking and just breathe. Don’t close off the lines of communication with your child just because times were hard.

Because you were frustrated.

You needed more sleep.

Because you can’t remember the last time you did exactly what you wanted when you wanted. 

Sometimes, we all just need to take a moment and breathe. Give silent parenting a try.

Our children are life. They are souls looking for guidance, love, and compassion. For a shoulder to cry on, and a warm hug that tells them they are safe. They need moments of quiet, for themselves and from you. You need it too. Try it tonight. Turn off the electronics, the radio, and the voice in your head that says you need to say something out loud. Allow silence to enter your home and mind.

Then, when the kids start talking, just listen. Don’t say anything. Listen to their words, their actions, and how they interact with the rest of the family. Get to know your child through your silence. You may be surprised what you learn. 

So breathe. Practice the art of silent parenting and look at them as God looks at you. Don’t say a word. Just breathe. Then, if they let you, put an arm around their shoulder and together breathe. 

6 thoughts on “The Art of Silent Parenting

  1. Sounds like a load of shit. It also seems like lazy parenting and that you can’t be bothered to actually parent. Your silence could be misconstrued by a young child as coldness or lack of interest. Kids do need to hear their parents talking to them because this is how they learn to communicate. This sounds like some hippy dippy shit.

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