Simplify in the Kitchen with a Bread Maker

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What tools make cooking simpler for you?  Do you have a favorite kitchen gadget you can’t live without?  How about the most useless tool in your kitchen?  Maybe something you like to use, but takes up way too much space?  

I love the kitchen, it’s probably my favorite room in any given house.  I do not like the kitchen I am in now.  It is small, cramped and makes it hard to get the whole family in there cooking up a good time.  

2010 brought with it my new favorite kitchen gadget – the Breadmaker.  For Christmas 2009 my mom got me the Breadman Breadmaker.  I thought it was cool, but at the time I still really enjoyed getting my hands in the dough and letting the kids help me make the bread.  So I didn’t use it a whole lot.  Then we moved here…

I still love cooking, and being in the kitchen, it’s just become a lot harder to do the big fun stuff.  
Enter stage left…..
My Breadman Bread Maker (affiliate link).  Yes, it takes up one of the few counter spaces I have, but it opened up the time to play with kids, and do more cleaning.  Gosh, I love this thing.  (we loved it so much, we bought mom a bread maker this last Christmas!)
This thing does everything from beginning to end.  Kneading, rising and baking.  But it doesn’t end there.  You can have it just knead the bread, then you make it into rolls, pitas, cinnamon buns and cook in the oven.  Or make some homemade jelly in it!!!
Here’s the latest and greatest from our beloved Bread Maker
mmmm clover leaf white rolls.  Dinner’s going to be good tonight!!
Don’t tell but two rolls have already gone missing…..

What Kitchen Tool simplifies your life?

5 thoughts on “Simplify in the Kitchen with a Bread Maker

  1. My kitchen is pretty miserable too. I don't have much in there that doesn't get used on a regular basis. There's just not room. We don't use the toaster much

  2. You are a wonderful wife and mother! Good Job Adelina! (I was hoping you wouldn't notice the two rolls – I would have snitched them if I was there! They look fabulous.)

  3. Those rolls look SO good. I am such a carb addict 😉 I have always wanted a bread maker since it is SO hard to find bread with no milk in it!

    I just wanted to come by and thank you for stopping by and following my blog. It means a lot! 🙂 Have a great week.

  4. We couldn't live with out our Electric Pesto Griddle. We use it almost everyday from Pancakes to grilled cheese and everything in between.

    Those rolls look amazing…I have a bread machine but haven' used it for years…share your recipe and it might get me motivated to use it again…

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