Lighting A Sitting Area with Brightech

A sitting area fit for fall.

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Lighting is crucial to the atmosphere of any home. Create a welcoming sitting area with gorgeous lamps from Brightech. I received a lamp from Brightech in exchange for my honest thoughts. 

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One of the first things I noticed when moving into our current home was the lack of overhead lighting. The only rooms with wired lighting were those rooms you can’t feasibly put a lamp in. Every other room was wired so that lamps could be turned on and off with a light switch – we just needed some lamps.

I’ve spent the last 3 years trying to find the perfect lamps for the different rooms, but have finally found what I wanted for a little sitting area from Brightech. The Trilage Floor Lamp in bronze complimented our red couch and was a perfect accent to the red chairs I recently picked up. 

Aren’t those chairs pretty? I snatched them up at a local store for overstock and slightly damaged items for a whopping $10. They needed a little TLC on the seats. That in itself was a headache, but I’m loving the results, and so are the kids. 

Kids love this sitting area lit by brightech. ad

They use to come home and crowd each other on the couch, now they fight over these chairs. The best part about this, is that the chairs do not face the TV, so they are just hanging out, talking, or reading books over there. 

Speaking of books, you know how much I love to read! I pulled this copper basket out from it’s hiding spot under my sink and gave it a featured spot in this sitting area. A few of our favorite soft blankets, and a couple of books I’ve been meaning to get to are stacked inside making.

I’m just loving all the earthy tones going on in this corner!

Every sitting area needs 3 things - good light, a good book, and a cozy blanket.

The Trilage lamp has proved to be exactly what I wanted. See, besides all the reading I do, I also cross stitch. Our old lamps were absolutely atrocious for this activity. When I went looking for lamps I specifically wanted something that hung down, directing light onto my work, but that could also light up the whole room. 

The three hanging lights on the Trilage proved perfect. The directed light from the bottoms of the shades eases my eye strain, but the soft shades allow for the light to reach across the whole room. For days when no one else is home, I can turn off 2 of the lights, and just use one for my sewing. 

Perfect lighting for a sitting area, that also lights a room.

Brightech has some gorgeous lamps on their site, that choosing one was actually quite difficult at first. I wasn’t sure where I wanted it exactly, just what I wanted it to do. You can browse their floor lamps, table lamps, string lamps, and even magnifying lamps! I admit, the magnifying lamps were tempting as my eyes are getting older. 

The initial lamp I received had been manufactured wrong, so I reached out to the company to double check if what was going on was correct, and if so offered some suggestions on how to fix it before selling more like it. The company was great and got a new lamp – same style – out to me asap. This time the problem area was resolved, and we could begin using the lamp without fear it would fall on one of the kids. I highly recommend working with them for the perfect lighting in your home. 

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