Smoked Salmon Sammie and the “2016 America’s Better Sandwich” Contest and a Giveaway

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May rolled around, and I decided it was time to talk to my doctor. For that matter, I decided it was time I actually got myself a doctor. It had been 4 years since the last time I saw anyone besides after-care clinic staff. I’d put my kids care above my own – just like they tell you not to do when flying. 

I’ve always been a healthy person, so I really didn’t expect to be told much other than “Looks like you’re healthy, see you in a year.” So I was a bit surprised when the nurse called me later that day with the results from the blood tests they took. Generally I was overall a healthy individual. I wouldn’t need to come back for another year, but my Good Cholesterol was bad. 

Mind you, my Bad Cholesterol, or LDL, is just fine, but that HDL stuff which helps remove the LDL was not looking too good. While most people only need their cholesterol checked every 4-6 years, I would need mine rechecked next year. I’ve also been told to take fish oil and exercise more. Not too keen on fish oil itself, I thought I’d try just adding more fish to my diet – I do like fish. 

Get a boost of HDL with this Smoked Salmon Sammie on Brownberry® Sandwich Thins® 0grams cholesterol bread. ad

It was about this time when Brownberry® bread reached out and asked if I would share the 2016 America’s Better Sandwich contest with you. What better inspiration did I need to create a yummy sandwich while focusing on my cholesterol needs. All of Brownberry® Bread products contain 0 cholesterol! So I paired my 0 cholesterol bread with some HDL rich foods to make this Smoked Salmon Sammie for you. 

Smoked Salmon Sammie
Get a boost of HDL with this Smoked Salmon Sammie
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  1. Brownberry® Sandiwch Thins®
  2. 6oz Smoked Salmon
  3. Roasted Pine Nut Hummus
  4. 1/2 green bell pepper, sliced
  1. Spread hummus on the inside of you sandwich thins
  2. Layer green peppers and Salmon.
  3. Top with sandwich thin.
Home Maid Simple

Brownberry® Giveaway

What kind of better for you sandwich will you make? Let Brownberry® know and enter the contest to win teh $25000 Grand Prize! There are 5 categories to enter, though, and the winner in each one will win $5000! All you have to do is make sure your sandwich includes one of Brownberry® Bread’s products. So to help you get started, I’m giving away lots (6) coupons worth $5 for Brownberry® Whole Grain Sliced Bread, and (6) coupons worth $4 for Brownberry® Sandwich Thins® Rolls, and a $25 Visa gift card to buy your ingredients.

Giveaway open to US readers 18+. Ends 7/25/16. Enter on the Rafflecopter.


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