Star Map Art from Modern Map Art to Celebrate 13 Years

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We’re celebrating 13 years of marriage with an eternity to go this year. I received a Star Map in exchange for my honest thoughts. 

Star gazing I grew up in the country, where lights didn’t touch the sky, and the heavens were always clear for star gazing. Many summer nights were spent on our back lawn, listening to Dad identify the constellations. I could always find the big dipper, but for some reason, I struggled to find all the stars for the little dipper.

Then one day, I discovered Orion. His 3-star belt became my own little connection to the world. He lived outside my bedroom window, and during times of preteen and teen angst, he was my constant. It didn’t matter how bad the day was if I could look up to the night sky and find those 3 stars. 

Sealed in Heaven, this Star Map Art is the perfect wedding gift. When I heard of Modern Map Art and their addition of the Star Map Art, there was no question that a piece would become part of our home’s decor. My connection to the stars has been lifelong, and will continue to the eternities. 

With Modern Star Map Art, you choose the location and the date, and then you get a beautiful piece of art showing the night sky at that date and location. 

When the stars align, you find true love. Decorate your home with this unique Star Map Art

Obviously, I chose the most important date to our family – the day Mark and I got married. What you see here is what the night sky looked like on that very special day almost 13 years ago, from the location of the Mount Timpanogos LDS Temple. 

Sealed in the Heavens for Eternity. Celebrate your marriage with a Star Map Art. As I was creating our Star Map Art, I wasn’t sure what I wanted the bottom to say. It would have been easy to just put Mr + Mrs Priddis, but it just didn’t look right. As I discussed it with Mark, agonizing over the perfect saying, he did what he does best and got the perfect saying. 

Sealed In Heaven

I loved it. See, in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, when we marry in the temple we call it a sealing. Instead of marrying until death do us part, we marry for “time and all eternity.” We believe very literally that we are partners forever. This life and beyond. 

Sealed in Heaven for eternity. Custom Star Map Art makes a great wedding gift.

Life is not always easy, and marriage is plenty hard in itself. When those rough patches come, I know I don’t need to look outside at the heavens anymore because this Star Map Art will be there day and night. With the Sealed in Heaven phrase that Mark added, it’s a reminder that we have committed to more than just this life together. 

Our trials and heartaches, they are just mere moments in the eternities of heaven. And on the days that are really really good, I see this and my heart flutters like it did 13 years ago. 

Art in the home should speak individually to the owners, and this Star Map Art does just that for me. They come in different sizes, and in poster or canvas. Making it art fit for every budget. 

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