Strawbees Inventor Kit Review

Strawbees Inventor Kit review. ad

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I’m bored. Two words you never have to hear again when your kids have Strawbees. I received a sample of Strawbees for review. All opinions are my own. 

Strawbees Inventor Kit review. ad It’s an age-old knowledge of experienced parents – boxes hold more fun than the cool new toy that was delivered inside it. Kids can find a million uses for the box while the toy gets pushed aside, forgotten, or bored of. 

Who know straws could hold just as much fun! I’m over here kicking myself for not figuring it out sooner. 

Strawbees Inventor Kit review. ad For the last few weeks, the kids have not come to me complaining of boredom. Instead, they are begging me to pull out the Strawbees. I’ve found all kinds of inventions hanging around the house. 

Venice made a hat, that turned into some kind of warrior’s weapon. Chloe made a dog and a full sized violin. Rose played around making a cube and is working on figuring out how to make a tray to hold her iPod and earbuds. Lincoln, with some help, turned what was supposed to be spheres into armbands that shoot lasers. On his own, he made a miniature bow that shoots straws. 

Strawbees Inventor Kit. ad All of this made out of regular old drinking straws and simple connectors – strawbees. The Inventor Kit comes with 400 pieces and a booklet with 21 fun inventions. It also includes a template for the boomerang, and a ruler for measuring the straws to different sizes. 

I’m loving these strawbees, though I do have one con. Looking at the price for the inventor kit, I feel it is a bit pricey. The pieces are reusable, but for a bunch of drinking straws and connectors – I don’t know if I’d be willing to pay for it. However, the hours of fun my kids are getting from it, may prove me otherwise. I’ll have to let you make that decision.

Strawbees Inventor Kit. ad

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